May 28, 2024

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Components of an Effective Sales Letter

As businesses are trying to figure out how to promote services and products in the midst of COVID-19 crisis, it is becoming increasingly important for them to strike the right tone during a global health emergency.

A product or a service can be fantastic, but no leads will be generated if a sales letter does not sizzle.

A sales letter should grab attention, prove that it provides effective solutions, removes risks, and generate a lead.

Some crucial elements of sales letters are catchy headers and sub headers, special offers, unique propositions, guarantees, testimonials, trust-building techniques, and follow-ups.

Given below are components of effective sales letters:

Empathize with the Customer

This is an important aspect of a sales letter that is often overlooked. Write what is important for the customers to know and not what you want to say. If the sole focus is on a business, then an opportunity to attract a customer will be lost.

Since the main concern of a customer is to fulfill their own needs and desires, you should not lose sight of this fact.

Appealing Headers and Subheaders

For the main header, it is helpful to target a pain point such as,’Is your skin losing its natural glow?’

It can also include a benefit such as’ ‘Bring back the glow to your skin…Without Chemicals!’ Try and create curiosity, with lines like ‘Can cucumber make your skin glow?’ Do not forget to include keywords.

Subheaders and headers work best when they approach the reader from two different angles. While the headline creates curiosity, the subheader can make a courageous claim, like ‘Now you can bring the glow back to your skin…Without Chemicals!’

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Include Testimonials

Social proof is always a principal component of sales letters. People make decisions based on someone else’s experience.Testimonials are an effective way to demonstrate social proof to a potential audience.

The audience can see that the product works and is beneficial to real people without a business forcing it down their throats. This helps build a brand’s reputation.

Get Readers Interested

It is easier to get readers interested if there is a steady flow of information in a sales letter. American Express enhances the client’s interest by giving them a compliment: ‘not everyone who applies for a card membership is approved.’

According to June Van Klaveren, owner of Compelling Communications, using a handwritten note or an arrow in a different colored ink to highlight an important fact can help to hold a customer’s interest.


If a business doesn’t follow up, it might not hit targets. The follow-up email should have a short and interesting headline. If a customer hasn’t purchased a product and they receive another mail, it could have a twist like an added bonus, a reduced price or the opportunity to pay in installments.

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