July 25, 2024

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Building a Following on Social Media

If there are no regular posts or tweets on social media, a business is unlikely to benefit from it. There’s no need to be available 24/7, but social media platforms need to be monitored as often as possible. Mobile devices have made it easier to follow social media.

It is useful to post content as often as possible if something is worthy of posting and not post just for the sake of it. Social media accounts serve different purposes.

Some can act as brand ambassadors while others may be customer service tools.

Given below are ideas with the help of which a business can organically grow a following on social media.

Connect with your audience

First, it is important to identify the audience that a business is trying to reach. Social media is aptly called a two-way street so it is important to understand the needs of customers and share essential information. A ton of content and flamboyant ads will not suffice. A brand has to be follow-worthy. Social listening will give a comprehensive idea of what the audience is talking about and what kind of information they need.

The goal is to keep the market informed about topics related to a brand. Posting unimportant drivel will minimize the value of tweets and posts. It can also hurt brand building.

Share Expertise

One  way to build a following is to show that a brand is on top of the latest news in the relevant industry, and is sharing its expertise. For instance, customers are now dealing with a pandemic that has created a public health crisis. The web content of a business should demonstrate that it cares about what the customers are going through. There should be content that exhibits empathy. Express what the business is doing to prioritize the health and well-being of customers.

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Zoom ran contests that encouraged users to share unique virtual backgrounds. Their Twitter account showed some of the best entries. With people gradually getting used to the work-from-home situation, Zoom threw in a fun campaign that also got the users excited to use innovative virtual backgrounds.

Select and Edit

It is important to select and edit whatever is posted on social media. Selection entails determining what to tweet or post, and editing means knowing where to draw the line and how to say something. Let customers know how a business is pivoting due to the pandemic.

Customers can be informed of shipping delays or changes in operating hours. New information can also be shared so that customers get time to adjust. A simple joke or quote that is used should also be carefully carefully selected as a positive reaction. People should share, forward or retweet content to spread the word about a business.


In such testing times, people often flock to social media for relief. In a world that seems filled with negativity now, optimism can be very effective.

A carefully selected motivational quote might brighten days. Inspirational material that motivates and touches hearts is not only appreciated but also shared. If a quote, whether it is from Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln or John Muir is meaningful, it can also help spread the name of a business.

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