May 28, 2024

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Podcast Public Relations

Companies that are looking to connect with their target audience on a more personal level should start working on podcast promotion. Podcasts are essentially radio on demand, where people pre-record audio programs and then publish them on their website. Podcasts make them available for listening across streaming platforms as well.

This content production method increased in popularity in recent months because it brings a lot of value to companies and consumers alike. With the help of podcasts, companies can communicate directly to a captive audience, which is incredibly beneficial for people’s current on-the-go lifestyles.

That’s because companies are able to share their stories at any time, and the audience can listen to that story whenever they have their own time – such as a commute or a daily run.

Regularly putting out podcast episodes allows people to stay connected with a business, episodes shouldn’t be too repetitive and should cover topics that are relevant or interesting to the target audience. The company can also link the podcast itself to the company’s website or social media channels in order to increase the reach of the content, as well as to get more engagement from the target audience.

Companies can also ask the audience itself to engage with the content of each episode by responding directly on social media or through an email, which will allow a business to get new material for new types of content. Businesses can also invite other industry professionals and specialists, which can increase the reach of the audience and bring in fresh new content.

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According to research, more than one in five people listen to a different podcast each month, and that number is still rising, which is why companies should start utilizing podcasts as part of their promotional campaigns. Another marketing benefit of podcasts is that speaking is a lot faster than writing. Writing tends to take up a lot of time and effort, while creating a simple 30-minute podcast only takes somewhere over 30 minutes, including editing the audio.

To promote themselves, companies can discuss current hot topics or trends, especially when there are significant news stories that relate to the business’ niche. This way, the target audience can learn more about the topic, while listening to an authority in the industry. That means with the help of podcasts, companies can also position themselves as an expert on the topic, which adds to the value that listeners will receive by following the podcast itself.

Finally, for companies that don’t yet have a budget to create their own podcasts, they can always work with other existing podcasts. This works similar to influencer marketing campaigns, where the company agrees to create specific content with the existing podcast. That way the listeners of the podcast can start developing a relationship with the business and begin their buying journey.

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