May 28, 2024

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3 Things You Need to Succeed in the World of Digital PR

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There is one crucial difference between traditional PR approaches and the digital PR world: in digital PR, you have to basically live on the internet. As the means of getting a message to the public evolves on a seemingly daily basis, a digital PR agency is tasked with the responsibility of staying up to date on the latest 2015 trends.

Online trends tend to fluctuate rapidly, although there are some staples, such as Facebook and Twitter,that seem to remain the same.

Any digital PR agency that can follow the following 3 steps should find themselves poised to succeed at the world of digital PR.

Read, Read, Read: Part of staying abreast of developing trends in digital PR is reading up on those trends in industry magazines or websites and blogs. Most digital PR experts strongly advise that you not grow too comfortable with social media. Just because you know Facebook and Twitter like the back of your hand does not mean it is time to relax. Get out there and discover the next big thing before it hits.

Be a Social Media Snob: Use every social media account you have to follow, like, and pin the right people. Following industry insiders is a great way to have access to links and information you wouldn’t otherwise find. This can be a great time saver for Tip #1 above. Similarly, make sure you weed out your followers and friends regularly. You don’t want to be bogged down by meaningless content that, if seen by potential customers, can make you seem unprofessional. There are many different apps and sites out there that can help you clean out your stagnant followers and friends rather easily.

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Know Where to Draw the Line: In social media, there is a fine line between promotion and spam. If your audience is being subjected to overkill (such as “buy this,” “read this” or “Like my Page!”) of a message on a daily basis, they will grow annoyed. Find the proper balance between promotion and pestering. In outlets such as Twitter, this is crucial; it could make the difference between gaining 10 new followers and losing 50.

No digital PR agency under the sun has all of the answers in regards to digital PR. As trends evolve, so must the agencies. But knowing where to look and what approaches to take will get you closer to success.