May 28, 2024

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What’s “No-No” for Awards Season


When consumers see the distinctive make up looks that actresses wear to walk down the red carpets during Awards every year, they usually remark that the women look gorgeous. Other starlets sport cosmetic creations that could be described as bold, and there are always a few that border on outrageous. While viewers observe these looks and comment, either favorably or negatively, the team at a PR agency like 5WPR is taking notes and jotting down stylists’ names.

The fact is that these red carpet looks will continue to shape consumer beauty trends for many months, even beyond the “do’s and don’ts” segments that will be all over the news the morning after the show. When it comes to public relations, consumers will be demanding the products of our beauty clients within hours after the Oscars wrap up, and we use this ideal opportunity to promote the same or similar products and score a victory for our customers.

However, some of the more extreme looks are inappropriate for the lifestyles of most consumers. We are marketing to the average woman who wants to look fresh and shine just like the celebrity on the red carpet. She may be a mom or a career woman – or both. She may be interested in looks for daytime, then a bolder look for night. But one thing is clear: she’s probably not going to sport glitter infused fake eyelashes and 4 inch fingernails.

As we observe the hundreds of hair and beauty looks worn by stars as they meander through the maze of press representatives, it’s unrealistic for 5WPR to seize upon the more outrageous make up trends. We wouldn’t be doing our job as a beauty public relations company to promote products to a very limited segment of shoppers.

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Instead, we focus on the target consumer group that finds most celebrities on the red carpet to be glamorous and confident. This will be the woman who wants a new daytime face for work, or the social butterfly who wants to look stunning the next time she gets out on the town. To 5WPR, success means identifying those trends that coincide with this marketing goal, and disposing of those that won’t go very far.