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Digital Public Relations vs. Traditional Public Relations 

It is important for any organization to have the very best public relations. The positive relationships companies, brands, and individuals build with the public can lead to much higher sales and growth in the long run. In our modern digital age, many organizations have chosen the route of digital PR as their main marketing strategy. However, It is important to ... Read More »

House Facing Serious PR Pushback on Health Care Bill

House Facing Serious PR Pushback on Health Care Bill

These days, politicians never stop campaigning. They can’t, really. With round the clock news coverage noting every single vote, idea or soundbite, elected officials must always be cognizant of public opinion at all times. Likely the last time they looked away even for a second was leading up to the 2010 election when a number of incumbents were beaten by ... Read More »

AIG Chief is Out

AIG Chief is Out

At its most fundamental, management is about responsibility. It all flows uphill, so, when you’re the big boss, you tend to take the fall when things go bad. Such is the case of AIG, the embattled financial group that has not been able to pull out of a nosedive since the worst of the Great Depression. Read More »

Dairy Wars Coming to Food Industry

Dairy Wars Coming to Food Industry

Go to the dairy section in any grocery store and most convenience stores and what do you see? Rows of milk, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt and … soy or rice? Yep. “Alternative” milk is taking over facing space in the dairy aisle, and some within the industry are not having it. They say “fake” milk is being intentionally mislabeled as ... Read More »

Can the NFL win back its fans?

Can the NFL win back its fans?

The National Football League is basking in the glow of its biggest event of the year, and yet, people are already asking if the game is up for the country’s favorite professional sports league. For several years now, the league has been dealing with falling attendance, with many teams struggling for revenue. 2016 has been one of the worst so ... Read More »

Hampshire College tries to have press arrested

Hampshire College tries to have press arrested

If you’re looking for a caricature target for both late night talk shows and 24-7 news blogs, look no further than the staff of Hampshire College, the little Massachusetts college that managed to become the laughingstock of the nation when it opted to remove the American flag from campus for fear of … well … no one is really sure ... Read More »

Public Relations Campaigns Should Use Social Listening

Public Relations Campaigns Should Use Social Listening

A public relations agency is responsible for a tremendous amount, from competitor analysis and tracking ROI to media relations, while keeping their clients happy. A PR Agency needs a social listening tool to keep track of all these responsibilities. This tool allows the PR Firm to monitor its clients’ industries to forecast product trends or brand reputation along with other ... Read More »

Why Writing Is Important for PR Professionals

Writing Public Relations

Many college PR and communications degrees have started to de-emphasize upper-level writing skills in favor of ethics and strategic thinking. Those are good areas to add to the courses, but passing on the writing courses regarding a profession that is still very oriented to the written word is a mistake. Here are some of the reasons a PR professional still ... Read More »

How to Win at Building a Brand

How to Win at Building a Brand

Before building a brand, understand what it really is. It includes many things like logos, mission statements, and the like. But those are tools associated with the branding process. A brand is, in its most essential form, about what a company represents. Answering that question makes the rest of the process about building a winning brand so much easier. Read More »

Hospitality PR — How PR Helps Increase Star Ratings

Officially stars or diamonds for hotels and restaurant ratings come from only a handful of agencies. The star system was first implemented by the Forbes Travel Guide (originally the Mobil Travel Guide) in 1958. AAA uses a different system of diamonds. The higher your star/diamond, the better these publications consider your establishment. Businesses are evaluated based on service, product, and ... Read More »

Americans have a sunnier outlook, can you capitalize ?

Listen to some, especially on social media on Mondays, and you might think the average American hates his job and his (or her) life. And given two recent metrics, there might be an explanation: overall, U.S. employers slowed their hiring over the month of August and the slowed raises in salaries as well. Less help and less money? Yes, those ... Read More »

What happens when you break your client’s trust

Trust – or consumer confidence – is one of the most expensive commodities any business or brand can invest in. It takes a lot to win that trust, but it’s much more expensive to buy back once that trust has been broken. Just ask Chipotle, Volkswagen or GM … or WhatsApp. The messaging app was hugely popular with customers, but ... Read More »

Marketing to Children Going 3D

PokĂ©mon Go is having an impact in unexpected ways – apparently getting 3D images to sell your product is a step forward and PokĂ©mon Go has proved exactly that. Well, when it comes to PR and marketing, a product that hits the way PG has, means there’s bound to be other companies working to find ways of using the same ... Read More »

Trends in Social Media

When social media first began, with its projected marketing potential, critics claimed it wasn’t viable. Now social media platforms have many useful advertising options while still boasting ways to offer information for free. Every year new platforms emerge. According to Forbes magazine, the following social media technologies are predicted to dominate the industry in 2016. Read More »

Best Times to Post on Instagram

instagram time to post

As with any aspect of business, when you conduct certain activities often determines the success of it. For instance, most businesses know the best time to open a business is around 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., and that the best time to serve lunch is at noon. So when it comes to social media, which is also an important part ... Read More »

The Value of a Public Relations Degree

Public Relations Degree

Public relations is one of the most dynamic and flexible careers for the young professional and is steadily becoming a millennial favorite. Public relations specialists get opportunities to work with iconic brands and ambassadors, as well as travel, and network with other professionals at all levels. PR experts can choose work on a contract, freelancing, or employee basis. The possibilities ... Read More »

Public Relations Tips for Small Retail Businesses

Retail is one of the most competitive industries in the business world because it specializes in the reason businesses exist: to buy and sell. Some of the biggest names in the industry include Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot. However, there are also smaller companies in retail using public relations approaches to grow their business. Here’s how they do it. Read More »

Top Tourism PR Campaigns

public relations

Here are a few travel PR campaigns for you to think about now Spring is approaching, and thoughts of warm weather may be filtering into your brain. Or maybe you are looking for an adventure – we have a few ideas you might like to look into. Idaho Okay, we get it, probably not one person expected Idaho to be ... Read More »

Fox Brands Trump as a Liar

trump 5wpr

The rift between the GOP frontrunner for POTUS and Fox News continues to widen. After Trump vowed to skip the most recent Republican Primary debate, Fox released reports stating Trump is lying about its debate ad rates. The direct attack against Trump is evidence of Fox’s interesting and somewhat unprecedented position: declared adversary of its party’s leading candidate. Some are ... Read More »