June 14, 2024

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Robotics Public Relations

It is undeniable that the global market for robotics companies is growing, and with unrivaled growth comes new opportunities for PR professionals.

The challenge is to provide innovative services to the robotics industry, to cater to their unique needs and tell their stories.

As robotics companies continue to grow, they need PR services they can trust. Below are five crucial tips for successful robotics public relations

PR Strategy for Promoting Robotics

Know What Sets A Client Apart

This is essential in all public relations strategies, but especially in robotics PR. What makes one robot different from another? Why should someone pay attention to this robotics company compared to any other? Now is an essential time to educate the public about robotics and why they need to know about this company above all others. Highlighting their past accomplishments and ways they’ve already been recognized in the media is a great place to start.

Provide a Friendly Comparison

Sophisticated robots are often compared to sci-fi characters. While this may be a fun visual, it isn’t always beneficial. Robots in sci-fi movies and books often surpass the capabilities of robots in the real world, making them seem inadequate.

It’s best to take the reins on this conversation and provide an original comparison before reporters think of one first. No, this robot doesn’t have the tenacity of Optimus Prime, but maybe it is able to lift and collect garbage like WALL-E. It’s all about providing a helpful and realistic comparison.

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Don’t Send Mass Marketing Emails

Mass marketing emails are common in public relations but, especially in robotics PR, this shouldn’t be the case. Pseudo-personalization of emails is easy in today’s market by inserting the recipient’s name at the top and sending the same body of the email to thousands of people on a mailing list.

Mass marketing emails tell the recipient one thing — that the sender is not invested in making personal connections. Rather than emailing as many media contacts as one can research, it’s much more valuable to invest time and energy into journalists who have a genuine interest in robotics and could be a helpful contact long term.

Press Coverage Is More Essential Than Ever

Robotics companies are quite literally changing the world with technology out of the public’s wildest dreams. However, without a successful PR campaign, no one would ever know the progress being made. Bringing these incredible companies to local, national, and international outlets is the best way to raise the public awareness, support, and brand recognition that robotics companies need.

Use Accessible Language

One of the main challenges of robotics PR is that complexity needs to be made simple. When marketing for robotics companies, there should generally be no “tech-speak” in materials put out for public consumption unless they are technical articles. Making robotics easy for the average consumer to understand is key in fostering positive attention around robotics in the media.

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