July 25, 2024

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5 Inspirational PR Campaigns

A well-crafted and meticulously planned PR campaign can persuade people to take a leap of faith towards a business. A strategic PR campaign can help increase the trust consumers have in a business. The past couple of years have been challenging for businesses big and small.

To keep their businesses running, brands had to reach out to their customers. Given below are examples of some inspiring PR campaigns that sent their well-crafted messages in ways that are worthy of praise.

LEGO donates MRI scanner models to hospitals

In February, LEGO announced that it would donate 600 MRI scanner models to hospitals to help children cope with the anxiety of going through an MRI scan. The sets helped children understand the intimidating process of an MRI.

The sets also helped children understand MRI machines better, and made them feel more relaxed about  scans. Since the scan requires patients  to be still for about an hour, this campaign has proved to be extremely beneficial. The models are not available for purchase, but they have gone a long way to reassure children about the safety of the procedure.

Brewdog launched SAD AF beer

To aid mental health research, Brewdog launched a SAD AF beer.It is a 0.5% IPA. The aim behind the launch was to start conversations around mental health. This campaign was launched after it was revealed that an astounding 82% of people with mental health issues are likely to open up and talk about their problems over a drink.

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Brewdog partnered with the mental health movement #IAMWHOLE for this launch. The drink is alcohol-free, so that men can discuss their challenges more responsibly. The campaign also intended to raise awareness about SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The gender pay gap bot

Each year, on International Women’s Day, photos of happy women appear on social media platforms. They are always accompanied by praise from businesses who are eager to show their support for gender equality.

This year, similar efforts on Twitter were interrupted by the account @PayGapApp, which targeted companies in Britain, where the public has access to data about gender discrepancies in pay. According to that data, men who worked full time earn roughly 7.9% more than women.

Each time an organization in Britain promoted the International Women’s Day on Twitter, the pay gap app would retweet the message of International Women’s Day accompanied with a note that compared the hourly pay of women to that of men.

The bot was created by Francesca Lawson and Ali Fensome, and their intention with it was to hold companies accountable for perpetuating gender inequalities. Paying lip service to women on social media platforms should not suffice. Some organizations deleted their tweets after being called out .

Airbnb supports refugees fleeing Ukraine

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Airbnb stepped in to help more than 10,000 refugees by offering them short-term housing. In addition, people booked rentals in different parts of Ukraine not to visit, but to give locals some much-needed financial assistance.

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