July 24, 2024

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PR strategy for SaaS startups

To build a company’s reputation, PR is needed. The value of good PR strategy cannot be stressed enough. PR can help a startup build its brand and get adequate media coverage. It can also improve the reputation of a business.

Through PR, a SaaS startup can get all the exposure that it needs to succeed in a highly saturated and competitive market. Effective PR can help shape positive public images.

Given below are PR strategies that can help a SaaS startup attract the press it needs.

Use Data for Insights

Most journalists get a lot of pitches every day and have very little time to go through each of them daily. For a pitch to be appealing to a journalist, data has to be leveraged. Any SaaS company has access to tons of data.

The data can be used to make insights about the target audience or to predict trends. Adding such information in a pitch to journalists will attract their attention. Journalists love specific data. It helps them to create concise but riveting stories.

The data used in the pitch should be relevant and useful. Using graphs can also be an effective way to make journalists understand the numbers.

Focus on Press Pages

Journalists look up story ideas on Google. They also check out company websites and press pages. A SaaS startup should invest in making a press page with content, like company news, that piques the interest of journalists.

The content on press pages should also have keywords. Conducting research on what keywords are popular among journalists is essential.

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Use Guest Posts

Guest posts are effective tools that can be used as a PR strategy. Guest posting means writing posts for other websites. Guest posts are a great way to build a reputation and get backlinks. For a SaaS startup, it works perfectly well as a PR strategy, as it is a simple strategy.

If A website gets links from other websites, it will be treated as trustworthy and dependable by other websites. Guest posting is a great way to get links. For guest posting opportunities, one can go on a search engine and look for, ‘Write guest post for + SaaS.’ This search will result in a list of websites that are open to guest posts.

Use Newsjacking

Newsjacking is building a thought or an opinion piece around an already trending topic.

Newsjacking can make a media pitch more attractive because a business can weave its own story into a trending topic. Journalists love current events, and aligning content with breaking news can increase the chances of an SaaS startup getting a press mention.

Creating a pitch email centered around a current topic might interest a journalist because it could be directly related to something the journalist wrote. While making a list of journalists who need to be contacted, it would be wise to look for journalists who write about topics similar to the pitch given to them.

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