April 21, 2024

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How To Make Influencers Pay Attention to Your Brand

In the past few years, one of the most popular marketing channels in both B2C and B2B brands has become influencer marketing. The great thing about it is that every industry has a set of influencers, and practically any business can grow by having access to a certain influencer’s audience, whether they are a celebrity, a public figure, or a blogger.

However, most brands tend to find that they need to reach out to the influencer directly or work with a PR firm that works with influencers in order to take advantage of benefits that that relationship can bring to the business. Most of the influencers themselves aren’t going out of their way to contact a business in order to foster a relationship that will produce growth for both parties, especially if the business itself is a relatively new one.

Choose The Right Influencers

Many brands and corporations tend to have a difficult time pinpointing the right influencers for a particular campaign in the first place. This is something that requires a lot of research on the part of the business so that they can find the right people that have the right audience are in the same niche as the business itself, are interested in the business, and are looking to work with and promote a certain brand to their audience.

However, this all becomes a lot easier for consumer-specific brands because the brand can look into who the audience is interested in and following. This way, the brand can determine the people that they should work with.

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Hosting Events

Hosting any sort of event or activity in-store is one of the best ways that a lot of people can become interested in a brand in a short amount of time. Sending out special invitations to the influencers and making opportunities for them to post about the event is the best way to create a buzz around a business – even if that particular influencer doesn’t end up attending the event itself.

Sending Free Samples

This is an ideal option for product-based brands because they can send out samples of their products to the chosen influencers, with a request to share any reviews that they may have. People are very interested in unboxing videos, where the influencer opens up packages on camera, while also explaining the features and their experiences with the product, and is a great way to get even more influencers interested in a brand.

Keep Track Of Social Media

It’s important for businesses that have already started growing their influencer marketing campaigns to keep track of social media mentions from other notable influencers within the same niche. Suppose a post starts getting a lot of traction with many more people. In that case, the business should note any changes in other influencers’ behavior or fans to further market the brand to an even bigger audience.

However, it’s important to remember that quality is always better over quantity, which means that it’s better to work with an influencer that has a strong connection with their audience instead of a big number of influencers that are going to mention the brand in passing, which is going to get ignored by the audience.

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