September 24, 2022

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Print Items as Marketing Tools

Although many businesses have adopted a digital-first attitude, print items are still extremely effective marketing tools. Print media has kept up with the times and it is essential to know how, where and when to use print items as effective marketing tools. Print being tangible, is a potent content medium.

The advantage of a brochure or catalog is enduring over other digital formats which seem temporary. Given below are some ways in which print formats can fix marketing strategies.

Thinking outside the box

If a business uses words and phrases that its target audience does, its message will resonate. The messages can be put on the things that the target audience reads. For example, attracting college students is always a challenge for a business. They do not care much about conventional advertising.

B-Town Pizza in Bloomington, Indiana, revamped their branding with a look that was aimed at being popular with Indiana University college students. The pizza boxes had quirky statements like “Your calculus book is the fourth leg of your sofa” printed on it that was appealing to the college crowd.

The T-shirts that they sold on their site also had similar statements. These design elements led to a lot of positive feedback.

Use Quirky Banners

Signage has always been a crucial component of physical stores. They are utilitarian and can represent a brand with logos. A banner can make a coupe of simple points with clarity. It need not be cluttered with texts, subheadings and images.

The average customer would ignore it if that were the case, as it would require a lot of effort to read. A banner can be a work of art, and is powerful in its physical presence. It is useful because a person taking a walk through a park or down the street is a potential new customer.

Direct Mail Postcards

Direct mail postcards are classic marketing tools which can particularly help promote a business during the pandemic. Human beings relish receiving physical gifts, letters, postcards in the mailbox.

This makes customers feel valued, and they will appreciate that a business has made an effort in creating and sending personalized mail. It also increases brand awareness and visibility.

Since postcards don’t have pages that need to be turned, a customer just needs to take a couple of glances to work out what it means.

For example, Skoda added a penny to their postcards which invoked curiosity. Many businesses send postcards on special occasions like birthdays, with offers and discounts.


A lot of consumers prefer to make their choice by reading printed materials. There are consumers who are not web savvy, and that is where brochures can save the day.

For most consumers, brochures are like reading a magazine or a newspaper. Contact information can be easily found on printed literature, making it easier for consumers to make buying decisions.

Brochures should use high quality photography with a pertinent color theme to be effective.