October 4, 2022

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Changing Consumer Buying Habits

In the last few months many businesses have been trying to implement new strategies and meet the latest changes in consumer habits and behaviors that largely defined the last year.

There have been big adjustments to working, living, and learning environments which means consumer buying habits have also drastically changed.

For companies, this means that they need new insights, marketing strategies, and opportunities where they can meet their consumers’ needs.


In the last year, peoples’ homes became the place of school, work, and leisure all at the same time, which means many people have been trying to find products and solutions that will embrace that new lifestyle.

Whether that means finding them in a physical store, on their social media feed, or through a targeted ad, buyers are looking for products that will make their stay at home more comfortable.

They’ve also been looking for interesting or fun ways that they can spend some of their free time in their homes, and brighten up their spaces.


Another big trend that’s been increasing in popularity in the last few months is consumers completely abandoning their buying efforts because of the stress of making decisions.

While the stress due to choices has always been present, it’s been significantly increased in the last year due to the pandemic, which made the decision making process feel more important than ever.

To make the decision making process easier for consumers, companies can reduce the number of choices that the buyers have, which can be done by presenting them with an accurate selection of products from the company.

Having a selection of a few products,  or a number of categories that’s based on the buyer’s interest gives the consumers the sense that they’re getting a recommendation from an expert.

Stress-Free In-Person Shopping

Although shopping trends switched to digital in the last year, there has been some research that shows plenty of consumers miss shopping in person.

With the end of the pandemic coming closer, plenty of buyers are looking forward to reconnecting with the excitement of the experience of shopping, as long as they are comfortable.

That means businesses should figure out which store layouts will allow consumers to have socially distanced shopping experiences. Additionally, companies can also ease buyers’ worries by reducing the number of floor displays, and creating a more open shopping space.


Throughout much of the last year education took place in people’s homes, which resulted in the back to school shopping season being year long.

For companies that are looking to increase the number of sales throughout the year, they can start offering back to school products outside of the traditional timeframe of the beginning of the school year, and even offer products beyond the traditional school supplies.