May 28, 2024

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Using Visual Elements to Differentiate Products

People develop a psychological resistance to repeated exposure to similar visual elements. Hence, visual elements for promotions have to be used in intelligent and engaging ways.

Creativity and imagination in the use of visuals are the means of gaining advantage over competition.

This means taking risks, spurning conventions, and looking for human truths . Visuals infuse meaning and personality into a brand. Understanding the audience and tracking trends also help in creating visuals that would help in the growth of customer engagement.

Given below are some means by which visual elements can be effectively used for marketing.


With the increasing use of smartphones, capturing images has become easier than ever. Image creation is accessible to all. According to a study, 65% – 85% of people categorize themselves as visual learners.With a plethora of images being used on social media and websites, a business has to be very careful about choosing images to get the attention of customers.

The most effective images are ones that unexpectedly grab our attention. For example the design team promoting a luxury condominium in New York City decided to show how the building looks from daybreak to nightfall. The images also showed how the relationship of the building to its surroundings appear to be different during different time periods of the day. Of the 24 luxury luxury residential units, 22 had been sold in one of the most difficult real estate markets in New York City.

Using Cartoons

Cartoons can be used only if they represent a brand well and make it seem unique. No one can forget the simplicity of the little man in front of the Pringles tube.

Some major brands have used cartoons as mascots for years and they have become an integral part of the brand story.

For instance, the illustration of KFC founder, Colonel Sanders. While using cartoons, it’s important to strike the right balance between humor and professionalism. Cartoons can also be used as headers of newsletters to grab the attention of the user. Using cartoons on packaging can also add appeal, particularly for children.

Creating Unique Online Ads

Unique online advertisements can entice customers to use a product.

Creativity, pizzazz, and eye-catching colors can go a long way in making online ads.

The Facebook ad of Dollar Shave Club attempted to draw the attention of an entirely different audience, namely women. The visuals are not gender normative and makes the brand seem progressive and forward-thinking.

CasaQ’s online ads are well designed and although primarily aimed at the Latino market, they also appear appealing to a wider audience who are looking for unique ornaments.


Memes can lead to an increase in brand visibility and audience engagement. Millions of memes are posted daily and they can be used to boost the social media following of a business.

Memes are relatively inexpensive to make and there are plenty of meme creators online. It is important to come up with a slogan or a punchline for a meme that successfully represents the idea a business wants to promote. Barkbox uses dog-related memes on its Twitter page and has managed to grow its audience.

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