April 1, 2023

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Novelty Products: How to Make the Most Out of a Trend

When a company’s cool novelty products become a viral hit, it is an opportunity for the brand. Some companies have remained successful, while others haven’t. It’s important for consumer goods companies to make the most of this type of opportunity before the next trend hits. There are a few strategies that a brand can use to maximize the impact of a viral hit.


First, it’s important for the brand to capitalize on the moment by increasing the production and distribution of the product. This will ensure that the product will be available and accessible to consumers who are eager to buy it as soon as possible. The brand can use the popularity of the product to introduce new product lines or merchandise that complement the viral hit too. That way, anyone that’s not interested in the trending product can find something valuable too.

Social media platforms

Another strategy for maximizing the impact of a viral product is for the company to build a strong online presence. While doing so, it should also engage with consumers on social media. This includes creating and promoting content that highlights the product and its unique features. The company can start responding to customer inquiries and feedback in a timely manner. Brands can also use influencer marketing to reach a wider audience and generate buzz around the product.


Companies that have trending products should invest in research and development to continuously improve the product and stay ahead of the competition. This should involve gathering feedback from customers. Then, the company should incorporate the suggestions into the design and functionality of the product. This way, the company can remain relevant with customers while meeting their needs.


Another way to make the most of a viral hit is to leverage partnerships and collaborations with other brands and businesses. For example, a company can partner with a popular restaurant or café to offer the trending product as a menu item. Another strategy would be for the company to collaborate with a fashion brand to create a line of clothing or accessories featuring the trending product. It’s also important for the brand to have a long-term plan in place that considers the potential for the product to become less popular over time. This may involve diversifying the product line or exploring new markets to reach new customers.


Finally, it’s important for the brand to be transparent and authentic in its marketing and communication efforts. Consumers today are savvy and can spot disingenuous or inauthentic marketing. That’s why it’s so important for companies to remain true to their values and build strong, trustworthy relationships with their customers.