April 21, 2024

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New Year New Me – The Best Ways to Position a Healthy Food Brand

The onset of a new year brings a new year mentality which for many includes a healthier lifestyle. Customers are becoming increasingly health-conscious and people are willing to pay more for sustainably sourced ingredients. Products and services have to effectively communicate to the customers that they are healthy and for that a brand has to get creative, especially to break through the noise against competitors. Below are several strategies that brands in the health food industry should pay close attention to so that they can reach their target audience. 

Define the Target Audience

A health food brand is not just a product on the shelf. With people becoming more aware of what they consume and ditching junk food, a health food brand should be able to define the audience that they want to target. There should also be awareness of what media channels they use and what resonates with them. For instance, millennials are not afraid to pay the price for something that is organic and natural. They prefer quality over quantity and if they like a brand they will discuss and promote it on social media channels. Sales data can also be very helpful in trying to understand who is buying the products.

Play to Your Strength

Each brand has a strength that individualizes it and you should make sure your communication efforts play into this. For instance, Whole Foods market always focuses on its product quality. Their products are certified under the Whole Trade Guarantee for their fair labor practices and sustainability. Their promotional activities also depend on seasons and the condition of the industry. Their campaigns focus on health and a deeper purpose for business. Yet another relevant example is the snack brand, ‘That’s It’. The brand focuses on its plant-based ingredients and the logos of certifications are printed on the wrappers of the snack bars. 

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The Branding Should Be Eye-Catching

Everything about a brand will influence how customers will perceive it. Just because your brand is healthy, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, and the personality of a healthy food brand should be fun so that it becomes popular. A fun brand will encourage customers to connect with it. Investing in building a brand is always worth it because the rewards are high. For instance, Beyond Meat has a high engagement rate on Instagram as their posts stand out. Fun packaging together with contests and giveaways help to draw the attention of the target audience. 

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