May 25, 2024

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5 Effective Strategies for Home and Housewares PR

Take Part in Critical Trade Events

Trade events such as The Inspired Home Show and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show offer great opportunities to announce new products and introduce the brand to the press. They also offer great networking opportunities for a chance to be inspired by the competition.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many trade shows are offering virtual events, making it easier than ever to attend and reach even larger audiences. Trade shows are a great place to show potential business partners why they should choose to partner with the brand.

Create Appealing Social Media Content

Home and housewares brands are incredibly reliant on visual content. Public relations efforts such as social media marketing, brand messaging, and email marketing need to be on-brand, creative, and stylish. For example, the Home Goods Instagram page is bright, airy, and full of inspirational posts that feature their products.

Name recognition is extremely important, and getting more people to recognize the brand starts with creating consistent, sophisticated content and sharing it on all its promotional channels.

Build a Unique Brand

Home and housewares is an extremely competitive industry due to the high volume of companies in the market. Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to what products they can buy, so it’s important to make every effort to set the brand apart.

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Use the website, social media channels, email newsletter, and press releases to tell the business’s story and present data that showcases its past success. Every brand has something that sets them apart from similar companies, and it’s essential that the company makes it clear to customers why it can provide the most value to them.

Develop Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation tools are essential for attracting new clients, regardless of industry. Recent trends show more home and housewares companies tying public relations efforts to lead generation strategies. This includes creating a whitepaper or infographic on a relevant topic, branding it, developing an SEO-optimized landing page for it, and protecting it with a form to collect prospective customer email addresses. Home and houseware companies might offer guides to interior decorating, for example.

Start Implementing Effective PR Strategies Today

Choosing the right agency to partner with can make a big impact. 5WPR, named PR agency of the year by American Business Awards, works in a variety of industries, including Home and Housewares.

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