July 25, 2024

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Generating Leads Through Content Marketing

One of the best ways for companies to generate leads is through content marketing, as, according to research, businesses are able to get as much as three times more leads, compared to traditional marketing efforts, at a much lower cost. However, businesses should be careful with how they execute their content marketing strategies because the wrong efforts can lead to poor results.

Buyer Persona

Getting no leads is the same as getting the wrong leads, and in some cases, getting the wrong leads is even worse because it means the company has wasted its resources to get more leads that end up not becoming paying customers. That’s why companies create buyer personas before creating any types of PR or marketing campaigns so that they’ll know the details of the ideal customer.

Buyer persona files should have as many details as possible about the ideal customer for the company – from their age and location to their pain points, various needs, and wants. With buyer personas, companies can make their content marketing efforts focus on getting the right types of people, who fall into the same categories.

Third-Party Approval

For companies that are on the smaller side, or are just starting out, many people believe there are no reasons to have a company blog. This is because the company website itself doesn’t get too many visitors that turn from leads to paying customers in the first place.

However, there is a way for a company’s content marketing efforts to get noticed on a larger scale, and it’s through third-party approval. Having content that talks about the company itself, or its products, on a website that the business doesn’t own is a great way for that business to get noticed by a larger number of people.

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Content Marketing Perks

Getting customers’ email addresses is one of the best ways to distribute content that lands right inside their inbox folder. However, that content should give them some sort of value, otherwise, it’s going to get marked as spam, and they’re not going to be interested in receiving emails from the company anymore.

One of the ways that companies can get their customers’ email addresses and deliver valuable content in return, is by asking for their contact information, in exchange for solving a short-term problem they’re having. This type of solution is something that the customer can use immediately, and is easily accessible, such as information from a video, quiz, report, or Ebook, which speaks to a specific problem they already have, and a way to solve it.

Landing Page

Most landing pages are designed and developed with the goal of capturing leads, and then helping them on their buying journey until they become customers. When a landing page isn’t designed with that goal in mind, it potentially leads to great losses. That’s why these pages should be simple, without the nuance of a navigation bar, and a clear Call to Action (CTA) that’s going to get customers interested enough to convert.

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