September 24, 2022

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Creating Stories for PR and Marketing

The sheer number of stories that are published every single day on the internet is insurmountable, between all the different articles, blog posts, and more. Last year alone, more than 70 million blog posts were shared on WordPress every month.

This is partly because we’re living in a time where most people must have a voice online, to position themselves as thought leaders, or experts, in their fields.

However, most of the people that create content online, to meaningfully engage with an audience, are not professional storytellers or writers.  This often means they’re not familiar with the process of creating and developing a story for an audience or crafting a title for that story that will grab the readers’ attention.

Additionally, these people that share their stories often don’t have editors that go through the content to polish and improve it, before it finally reaches the audience, when working with an editor is essential for great writers. Not only that, but when writers work for publications that share many stories every day, it’s not easy to take the time to make sure every single story that’s published is great.

Fortunately, there’s no need to be an excellent writer or journalist to create compelling stories – these types of stories and angles come from being observant and knowing how to look at things from a different perspective. This comes with thinking outside of the box to find those great angles for stories.

Personal Experiences

The best editors are constantly asking the writers to look at their own lives and look at their own experiences for interesting lessons or information. Since people are always interested in hearing about stories from other people and their lives, especially if those stories come with valuable lessons that they can apply to their own lives, this is a very lucrative way to come up with a story.

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One of the biggest mistakes that writers aren’t professional is not making their stories specific or insightful enough for the readers to connect to them emotionally. Some of the best stories about businesses are stories about people’s personal experiences, and telling those stories can bring a lot of value to the company when it’s created as concrete advice, without being vague about the experiences.

News Stories

For most people, there are only so many experiences that they can find inspiration from before that source runs dry, and fortunately, we’re all surrounded by a 24-hour news cycle that’s filled with interesting materials every single day. There is always something interesting that’s happening in different parts of the world that people love to talk or read about. These stories can then be broken down into smaller segments and analyzed as lessons and reach an even wider audience in the industry.

One of those topics is always going to be celebrities and what they’re doing or going to be doing. Many people are already familiar with these celebrities, and it’s easy to break down their actions into valuable lessons for many people whether it’s their successes or their failures.