May 27, 2024

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Framing an Effective PR Message

While preparing messages for public consumption, the audience should not be treated as an empty vessel into which information can be poured.

People understand messages within preconceived frames and a PR professional has to identify those preconceptions before they try to change opinions or add information.

Given below are some practices that would help to frame effective PR messages.


The first step taken to craft an effective PR message is to do research. It is important to find out what the audience knows and how it feels about business or an issue that it is facing.

Then a case should be made, and the result should be monitored. Effective communication is a conversation, it involves watching and listening as it does talking.

Myth-busting Should be Avoided

Myth-busting is a popular technique used in PR campaigns. It is also a risky technique.An incorrect piece of information is set out and then an accurate piece of information is presented in contradiction.

Thai may seem clear and concise but researchers have found that the target audience may incorrectly recall the message. People might conclude that the myth is true.

Focus on the Positive

Phrasing of an effective PR message should be affirmative. Focus on the most important aspect of the message so that the target audience can resonate with it.

For instance, in a message as brief as ‘No smoking’ , people might overlook the negation tag and focus on the active word.

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Use Repetition

This is an age of information overload, and people use certain rules to separate fact from fiction. For instance, people often assume that easily recalled things are true.

If something is said or repeated often people will start believing in it. Once repetition takes place, listeners also conclude that the information came from reliable and reputable sources. An effective PR message should be repeated often.

Identify the Goal

While trying to frame a message,the goal of a message should be identified. This goal should guide the framing strategy.

Does a brand want to portray itself as one that is sustainable? Does a company want its shareholders to invest in it? While framing a message, its goal has to be kept in mind.

Choose the Right Messenger

While conveying a message, the person talking is sometimes more important than the message being conveyed.

While talking about a labor dispute, a CEO and a union leader might cast the story in a different light. Surrounding and location is also important.

A message aimed to raise money for homeless people might be offensive if it features a mentally ill person rambling down a road, the same person might arouse sympathy if he is seen getting his first warm meal in a week.

While framing a message, the context should also be taken into account.

A PR message should work at the levels at which it is aimed and for that ample effort has to be made.

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