June 14, 2024

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Business Leadership

To transform vision to reality, goals are essential. Identifying their motivation and aligning their behaviors accordingly help people to realize their goals.

For each business leader, motivation could be different, it could be stability, security, or power or something entirely different.

Business leadership of an organization involves the ability of the management of an organization to achieve its goals while encouraging the performance spirit within the organization.

Given below are certain character traits that should be universal for business leadership.

Building Trust Among Coworkers

Simple things can be done to model important relationship building, like asking coworkers about their weekends.

An organization can host social events that allow coworkers to have fun and get to know each other.

Company parties, barbecue lunches, and volunteer outings are ways that can help to cultivate coworker trust. These might seem frivolous on the surface but they yield returns in the form of teamwork and employee cooperation.

When coworkers respect and trust each other, they can work together as a highly functioning team. They can have disagreements without becoming vindictive.

Self Awareness

A business leader has to understand their own strengths and weaknesses. That would help them to understand what they bring to their role. It would also help them to better perform their responsibilities within an organization.

Weaknesses should be addressed openly so that a solution can be found.

A business leader who is self-aware strives for more than individual success. This helps to strengthen organizational performance. A self-aware leader helps to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable acknowledging their flaws and asking for help.

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Aware of Biases

Human beings have the tendency to make snap judgements based on inconsequential information such as eye color, appearance, or race.

A business leader should override the natural predisposition to assess someone unconsciously and subjectively. Biases should be kept in check.

The mind of a business leader should be kept open. The work environment should be such that it encourages and embraces differences among people. 

It is the role of the leader to provide each employee with experiences that would only serve to increase their happiness.  A business leader should make an effort to improve diversity and inclusion.

Keep Employees Motivated

Motivated employees want to build their skills by working on challenging assignments. An employee’s performance plan should have a specific learning goal.

That goal should be tied with the company’s overall goal. Employees with less experience can sign up for special projects which would help them to develop skills.

Motivational reward systems are also helpful. Credit should be given where it is due.


Decisiveness helps to execute plans and achieve set goals.

A leader has to know how to make sound decisions promptly.

Decisiveness also shows commitment which leads to consistency.

An effective business leader should not postpone making a decision, as any direction is better than no direction.

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