June 14, 2024

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FedEx Delivering Cheer This Season

FedEx Holiday Season

When it comes to delivering cheer this holiday season, FedEx may have the inside track. According to reports, the company expects to ship out 290 million packages, 9% more than this time last year. What’s the uptick all about? Well, fuel is getting cheaper and e-commerce is increasingly more prevalent…but Ronn Torossian says FedEx might have a different motivation.

When it comes to PR there is rarely ever only one person or group you are trying to please. And that’s the case here as well. Sure, all of FedEx’s customers are going to be excited to see the truck pull up this month, but you know who’s even more excited? Stockholders. Already this year FDX has jumped 25%. And the future looks even brighter.

Online spending on Cyber Monday was up 17% over last year. People have a bit more to spend, and they are doing it more and more online.

That increase in online spending means more opportunity for shipping companies such as FedEx. This is a prime opportunity for a massive PR push. At every level of its organization, FedEx will have a chance to make a difference, not only in how they do business but, more importantly, in how they are perceived both in the company and in the marketplace.

If the warehouse workers feel the love, they will be faster and more efficient, bettering the company’s relationship with drivers and other transport workers. Then, if the drivers are feeling that holiday spirit, it will show in how they conduct themselves at each step of their job. That might be a tough sell. This time of year, working for any shipping company means long hours and a grueling work environment. Extra packages, extra traffic and tighter shipping deadlines.

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But…if the company manages to excel at each level, their customers will have plenty of opportunity to notice. That means FedEx should take every opportunity now to make specific positive impressions during the gift-giving season. Accomplish that and the positive PR will be a gift that continues giving throughout 2015.