June 14, 2024

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Elevating the Consumer Dining Experience With Glassware

glassware and dishes on a table at a restaurant

After over two years of operating under restrictions, both restaurant operators and customers are eager to return to a sense of normalcy. However, as diners begin to flock back to restaurants, operators must consider reevaluating their offerings beyond just the menu. To attract customers and ensure a positive dining experience, operators are analyzing and assessing every aspect of their establishments. They’re also streamlining operations, and updating procedures for their restaurant experiences. Additionally, plenty of restaurants are grappling with smaller staff sizes and labor challenges right now, with job vacancies reaching high levels. These labor challenges have a ripple effect on restaurants. If the staff shortages lead to compromised service, customers will be dissatisfied and less likely to return. That kind of trend can only exacerbate the existing problems for restaurant owners. Consequently, restaurant owners and managers are working diligently to meet the needs of their customers. They’ve been striving to innovate and ensure that nothing is sacrificed despite any ongoing situations. 

High-Quality Glassware

Employing durable glassware can contribute to higher cleanliness standards in restaurants. These glasses are stronger compared to regular crystal glasses. This allows them to be cleaned in a professional dishwasher instead of them requiring hand washing. This saves time for the staff at the back-of-house that’s responsible for dishwashing. It also ensures a more sanitary cleaning, as industrial dishwashers provide a thorough cleaning. Traditional crystal glasses are often unable to withstand commercial dishwashers due to their delicate nature. That’s one of the reasons plenty of restaurants might not have dedicated personnel for hand washing and polishing crystal glassware. When restaurants can switch to highly durable glassware, the restaurant staff can start to confidently use dishwashers. This strategy saves both labor and time without concerns about breakage. 

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Kitchenware Upgrades

While it may not be an initially obvious strategy, upgrading durable and visually appealing dishes, flatware, and glassware can significantly impact the dining experience. According to studies, about 20% of consumers consider service and amenities when evaluating the value of a restaurant. A friendly waitstaff is just one aspect of service. The cleanliness and appropriateness of the tableware also influence the perception and dining experience of customers. For instance, a plastic cup may not evoke the same indulgent and inviting experience as a crystal wine glass or faceted cocktail glass. While some operators opt for heavy and thick wine glasses that can withstand rough handling, there are alternative options available. By incorporating this durable and elegant glassware, operators can upgrade the entire restaurant experience. They can even use the same glasses to serve cocktails for a unique and upscale presentation.

Streamlined Menus

Trimming the menu is one of the first steps that restaurant owners can take to provide a great restaurant experience with reduced staff. Reports reveal that nearly 70% of restaurant owners decided to reduce the number of items on their menus in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. By eliminating less popular dishes and focusing on customer favorites and core items, restaurant owners can optimize their operations while reducing the need for the kitchen staff to prepare a large variety of dishes simultaneously. When restaurants have a streamlined menu, it allows kitchen staff to prepare for each meal and shift more efficiently. That includes things such as prepping ingredients and making sauces in advance. This approach enables diners to receive their orders at a faster rate. It also facilitates faster table turnovers and ensures customers will leave satisfied without waiting excessively for their food.

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