April 19, 2024

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Apple PR Amplifies Positive Buzz

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Capitalizing on huge kudos from consumer watchdog, J.D. Power and Associates, Apple’s PR released a clever congratulatory message which amplifies positive buzz  across multiple media platforms. In a crowded mobile device market, technology PR cannot always depend on features and benefits. With so many overlapping or mirrored options, consumers can easily feel overwhelmed with too many similar choices. But you cannot argue with “best.” Especially when these accolades come in categories that directly impact consumer usage.

Titled, “We spoke too soon,” Apple’s campaign reported that the new iPhone has now won 8 – no wait, make that 9 – straight J.D. Power customer satisfaction awards. Apple’s release made good use of the “unbiased recommendation” strategy. J.D. Power’s award criteria included performance, physical design, features and ease of operation. By listing these criteria, Apple could say without saying that iPhones have awesome performance, design, features and ease of operation. The campaign, which was launched on apple.com, was also sent out to Apple fans via social media and e-mail. Shared across multiple platforms, this PR campaign captured the attention of current iPhone users, as well as consumers considering a change. The mobile device market is largely becoming a battle between the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy. This news should give Apple fans more reasons not to switch. Plus, it’s a win for Apple, in the wake of the Galaxy line’s steady market gains.

The two mobile device titans will continue to slug it out for consumer confidence and larger private contracts. To gain an advantage, their respective corporate PR firms must use acknowledgement from consumer review firms to set themselves apart.Consumers, confused by endless new features and benefits, can decide what news is most important to them. Are they swayed by Samsung’s rising market share or Apple’s long-term dominance and string of awards?

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This information will likely matter less to those who make a buying decision based on one or two specific features. But it could make all the difference in the world to a consumer just entering the market, unsure of which product to choose.