April 21, 2024

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Why You Should Consider a Public Relations Internship at 5WPR


Anyone fresh out of college has probably gotten the feeling as of late that an internship is almost a requirement for any prestigious job, particularly in the PR field. That being said, it’s certainly a good idea to consider looking into a public relations internship during or immediately after your college years.

The internship pool is growing deeper and more competitive in many industries. In the areas of public relations, graphics, and editing, there are candidates applying for internships as early as high school. More than that, many out-of-work adults are also applying. The allure of internships for many is that, in most cases, it provides candidates with a well-known and reputable name on their resumes. Also, an internship at 5WPR doesn’t really nail you down to one single career path, but is designed more to cater to a general area of interest.

Another advantage of working as a public relations intern comes in the fact that you will be learning from experts and professionals in your field of interest. And because no company expects their interns to be perfect, the internship experience allows newcomers to learn from their mistakes without a real threat of being terminated.

In addition to the real-world work experience, a public relations internship can also offer many other benefits that will better prepare you for a career.

  • You’ll develop a stronger work ethic and passion for the industry
  • You’ll learn how to manage your time and handle multiple tasks
  • In learning from mistakes and honing your skills, your confidence will grow
  • You’ll have the chance to network with others within the industry, setting up situations to better your career in the future.
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Networking in and of itself is a huge part of working as a public relations intern. You get the chance to meet professionals like Ronn Torossian and you likely would have never met otherwise. And you get to learn from the best. It’s essentially a training period without all of the pressure.

If you are serious about a career in PR, it’s a good idea to look into a public relations internship. It could help shape your future and teach you more about a highly competitive industry.