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Ronn Torossian 5WPR CEO and Founder of the Ronn Torossian Foundation is a seasoned PR Executive. Torossian is the author of best selling PR Book “For Immediate Release” and is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Wired Insights, and the Observer. Ronn is a life long New Yorker who loves art, chess, and reading and writing.

Raise more with PR: Why all Startups need a Strong PR Strategy

In 2011 a surprise hit book reached the cyber shelves. Three social scientists no one had ever heard of published The Retirement Maze, which highlighted that retirement basically sucks. 60-year-old retirees are more depressed, have less sex, and don’t relate as well to others as 60-year-old workers.

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Getting a PR Internship

If growing up you were dreaming about representing brands, you became a communications student, or you love writing about the media then there are good chances that you were cut out to be a PR professional. However, getting your foot into the door can be many miles away from your dreamland. Competition for PR roles in companies is higher than ever before, so standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly more difficult.  There are some quick tips you should know as you go about getting a PR internship. These tips have worked for many PR interns and you can manifest the same results if you put them to good use.

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The PR of Privacy: Google wins big

Apple was first to toss down the gauntlet, inferring, if not outright saying Google was not a safe place to surf. Specifically, Apple CEO Tim Cook said when “online services” are “offered for free” (read: Google) the user is not the customer – he or she is the product.

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Healthy fast food? Yep, they own that brand.

The days of parents pulling through fast food joints without guilt may be over. A generation ago, parents saw nothing wrong with grabbing a bag full of nuggets and fries for the kids on the way from soccer to gymnastics. But since “pink slime” and “Supersize Me,” parents across the nation turn into the arches with at least a little bit of guilt. CEO of 5WPR Ronn Torossian believes this reality is at least partially behind the industry-wide effort to offer “healthy” options on fast food menus.

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Taco Bell faces Counterfeit Claims and Huge Crisis PR

taco bell counterfeit

Taco Bell is facing a lawsuit and PR nightmare due to two operators forcing underage workers to give out counterfeit twenty dollar bills. Ronn Torossian says that the fallout could severely damage the restaurant’s image and impact sales. Consumers are far less likely to continue visiting the popular chain if they are suspicious of fraud.


The family of a seventeen year old girl is filing the lawsuit against Taco Bell based on the girl’s allegations that she was forced to distribute counterfeit twenty dollar bills to customers at the restaurant where she worked. The girl spoke to the police and described how she was manipulated into pulling off the scheme.

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G.E. Shifts Away from a Once Core Component

g-e-coreG.E. product groups include a diverse range from aviation and wind turbines to healthcare and trains. Perhaps the most well-known product group is the appliance division. Over a century ago, they started with the electric toaster and electric range, and they were the first to introduce the electric washing machine. Consumers most readily identify G.E. through their appliance division. So why would G.E. want to sell it and shift away from that identity?

Due to the huge growth of its financial arm, G.E.’s appliance division now only constitutes six percent of the company’s more than $146 billion in revenue. The appliance division helped grow the company, but G.E. came to the realization that it needs to let it go.

Ronn Torossian understands the need for companies to sometimes shift identities. He also understands that this type of shift needs a good PR strategy. When a product or division is heavily identified with a brand, a bad or non-existent PR campaign can ruin an identity shift.

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What all Media REALLY Wants

mediaEven when Apple simply announces a press event it becomes news. Recently, several tech blogs and online news magazines led with a story announcing that, in September, Apple will make an announcement. Stop for a moment and think about that. One of the top news agencies in the country has just announced that, a month from now, you will make an announcement. How is that news? Ronn Torossian has your answer.

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Hollywood’s SUMMER of Discontent

public-relations-moviesAccording to reports, U.S. box office totals are in a freefall, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Terrible news for the film industry, which has practically owned Get Out Of The House entertainment media for the better part of a century. Even with the standard slate of action adventure movies and big budget summer blockbusters playing in theaters across the country, U.S. ticket sales are down at least 20%.

Ronn Torossian says this appears to be a trend, not a fluke, and the industry needs to start paying attention, yesterday. But, it seems like, at least some of them, have their heads in the sand. Transformers 4, Godzilla, and the latest Planet of the Apes movie all fell well short of domestic box office forecasts. This means Hollywood Big Boys such as Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Fox all missed the mark and failed to meet expectations.

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Is Tesla FINALLY Ready to make a Major Market Push?

There’s no doubt about it, Elon Musk knows how to make the news. For a PR guy, he’s a goldmine. A savvy CEO with interesting ideas, a sharp perspective, and a willingness to say things that will definitely see print. Recently, the head of Tesla Motors sent a letter to shareholders that contained this nugget of fresh-pressed PR gold:

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Why Profit Sharing is Smart PR

profit-sharingAre you an entrepreneur interested in shoring up your reputation and building the best success team possible? There is nothing better for your internal public relations with your skilled workers than plain, old-fashioned compensation.

It’s a given that top sales people make their careers on commission, but why not share some of that love with your skilled workers, you know, the people that get up every day to help you turn your business idea into a commercial success?

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Bose Sues Beats Over Noise-Cancelling Headphones

bose-sue-beatTwo giants of the headphones industry are going head to head. Bose sued Beats Electronics this past week for allegedly infringing on five of their patents related to noise-canceling headphone technology. Bose is seeking to block U.S. imports of Beats noise-canceling headphones with their lawsuit filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington, DC. The company also filed a smaller lawsuit in a federal court in Wilmington, Delaware. This lawsuit makes the same claims and will likely be put on hold till the large case is solved.

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How to Market Your Mobile Technology Company

mobile-tech-firmMobile technology is technology that is portable. Any company that manufactures or sells a mobile technology device fits the category of being a mobile technology company. Marketing for a Mobile Tech company becomes crucial, due to the nature of their intended audience. These consumers are most likely tech savvy and do most of their research into new products on the computer. This is a huge oppurtunity to leverage where these people gather, to generate interest in your product, company or idea.

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A Clear PR Message for Lasik Doctors

For millions, public-relations-lasikLasik Eye Surgery has been a complete life changer. No more waking up and struggling to find the clock, or read your phone, or make it to the bathroom without your glasses. In fact, no more looking for your glasses – period. No more worrying about losing a contact at the beach or in the pool, or forgetting your solution when you travel.

LASIK delivers clear vision safely, and effectively. And yet, tens of millions who could benefit from the procedure still worry about potential issues. They are so afraid, fearful in fact, that they are reluctant to even make an appointment with their doctors to talk about it. Ronn Torossian has some suggestions to help docs get out ahead of this message, and maintain control in the marketplace.

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Pickups Losing Ground to Luxury Cars

Is America beginning to see the swan song of the all-American pickup truck? According to some reports, luxury cars are beginning to not only gain ground, but to surpass pickup trucks as the American vehicle of choice. But, not just luxury cars… FOREIGN luxury cars. Drivers are choosing BMWs, Audis, and other foreign luxury makes in record numbers. Even the stalwart Ford F150 is beginning to lose ground. Yes, truck sales are up (again), but Ronn Torossian says that doesn’t mean US automakers should not be paying attention.

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Best Ways To increase Sales in the Food and Beverage Industry

food-beverage-sales-tipsThere has been a definite decision by most consumers to ignore the vast majority of advertising that comes into their homes. This has hit especially hard in the food and beverage industry. With new companies popping up every business cycle, both established companies and up-and-coming businesses with good products sometimes get lost in all of the noise. Below are just a few of the promotional methods that still work for the food and beverage industry.

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Dove continues to Promote a new Definition of Beautiful

beauty-prThe Dove campaign to remind every woman why she is beautiful in her own skin continues to roll full steam ahead. The empowering message has resonated with women across the nation, and Dove has played into the popularity well, creating social media PR tools for their fans to share, and inviting their customers to help spread the message of love and acceptance.

But, the best part of the entire campaign, according to Ronn Torossian, is that Dove has managed to stay on message, even when their entire message has changed.

It started with pictures in advertisements. Not airbrushed and not Photoshopped. Just real women being real women. That campaign raised so many eyebrows, Dove doubled down on video and social media PR content. Their new commercials went viral on several social platforms, shared countless times. With every share, the Dove army of natural beauties grew exponentially. Because Dove packaged their content in easy to share posts, these folks quickly became carriers of the message.

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