April 20, 2024

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What digital content marketing will look like in 2019

Using Content Marketing to

Content marketing has become one of the fastest growing and most used marketing strategies. More brands are adopting content marketing as a way to increase brand exposure and get more customers. As more people enter the realm of content marketing, the landscape is quickly evolving and becoming more competitive. Here are a few predictions of what content marketing will look like in 2019:

Larger content marketing departments

Content marketing is a relatively new tool in marketing, therefore, many firms have been slow to adapt to this new trend. Many companies have a few contributing writers or in-house marketing professionals working on content creation and marketing. However, content marketing has proven to have a good return on investment as it drives traffic and generates leads.

As companies realize the benefits of content marketing and the importance of creating original content, content marketing teams are likely to grow and expand. Remaining competitive in the world of content marketing means teams will need to expand from one or two people taking care of content to teams inclusive of writers, graphic designers, photographers and so forth.

Better integration of email marketing and content marketing

Email marketing is a common tool for marketing with businesses using emails to blast out sales-driven messages to their audience. This could include any information about new products, brand news, or special offers. However, for brands to develop deeper connections with their customers, they need to create a more personal connection with their customers based on shared values and experiences.

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This is why it is crucial for content marketers to create to capitalize on email marketing by creating various channels for reaching out to clients. For example, content marketers can include a relevant article at the end of an email reminding their client about their abandoned cart. This is just one way to create a customer journey that could eventually increase conversion rates.

Optimization of content for voice search

From Amazon’s Alexa to Apple’s Siri to Google Home, voice search was on the rise in 2018 and from the looks of it, voice search will continue on an upward trajectory. Marketers are pros at tweaking content for search engine optimization or even to make content mobile friendly. In the future, it is likely that they will have to adapt and tweak content for voice search optimization.

This could mean writing headlines in the form of questions that someone is likely to ask their smart device. There will be a heavier focus on customer utility and product care. In the age of Alexa, it will become more critical to write about how to care for your product than to write a list of your best sellers.

Embrace these upcoming developments to stay ahead of your competitors. With 2019 just around the corner, keep these developing trends in mind so you’ll be ahead of the game before other brands get around to even acknowledging the trend.