July 24, 2024

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Kitchen appliances that make staying at home easy

With stay at home orders in place nationwide, you may have found yourself wondering if you should venture out to find food, or tackle the kitchen with a home-cooked meal. These appliances make cooking easy, and some even encourage getting your whole family involved. With these appliances, you may even find yourself favoring your kitchen over eating out once the stay-at-home orders are lifted.



Bread is one of the first goods to go when people begin stocking up to hunker down. Even worse, it doesn’t seem to last long, making you leave your house again to find more. Bread makers give you the ability to bring the bakery to you! Cuisinart’s 2LB Convection Bread Maker provides you with 16 preprogrammed menu options, multiple crust colors with different loaf sizes, and over 100 bread, dough, cake, and jam combinations. It will take you weeks to try out all the different bread possibilities!

Pizza Oven

Countertop Pizza Oven

Everyone loves pizza night, but while you’re home, skip the take-out and use the extra time for homemade pizzas! This can be a great family bonding activity, with everyone getting to add their favorite toppings and assemble the pies. Black + Decker’s 5 Minute Pizza Oven is a great compact option to finish off your 12’’ pies. And don’t worry, it can be used for more than just homemade pizzas. So when your family is back to work and school, it won’t go unused. Instead, it will be the perfect appliance to heat frozen snacks, baked goods, and more!

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Smart cooker

Smart Cooker

Feel like getting ambitious with your cooking? ChefIQ makes some of the most complex meals easy as can be. This wifi-enabled appliance pairs with the ChefIQ app full of guided cooking and prep videos, with five new recipes added weekly, and easy to follow along. If that’s too much work, you can opt to simply tell the appliance what you’re cooking, and it will suggest the optimal cooking time, mode and temperature to get you there!

Countertop Craft Drinks

Are you missing your favorite bar, with the bartender who knows how to make your drinks just right? While you might not be able to completely recreate the atmosphere of the bar in your home, you can recreate the drinks. Drinkworks and their appliance the Drinkmaker prepares cocktails, beer, and more using drink pods. Pod collections include classic cocktail offerings, and signature beers like Stella Artois, all to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. You’ll never again feel like you’re missing out when you can have fun in the comfort of your home.


Do you find yourself craving and reaching for your favorite comfort meals right now? Air fryers, like the Instant Vortex 6, allow you to create healthier versions of your favorite fried foods. By replacing hot oil with heated circulating air, the appliance is able to reproduce the same crunchy taste and textures of deep-fried foods. With less oil in your meals, you’ll feel better about enjoying them, and probably favor making them yourself!

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