May 28, 2024

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Trends in Video PR

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Video PR has blown up in 2015 with mobilized media being the mainstream way of obtaining information.

Here’s a comprehensive list of growing trends proven to catch customer’s attention and continue the growth of businesses.

Visual Storytelling

The most creative and innovative trend formed in 2015 is the ability to weave narratives with visual cues capturing the imagination of consumers. In this very “meta” web site, you can find a visual slide show explaining the importance of visual storytelling for the consumer. The slideshow shows 76% of people polled say video is underutilized by companies in marketing campaigns, and 86% of press releases are not accompanied with visual cues. Those are surprisingly high numbers considering videos are shared 12 times more often than text or links.

The message is clear: most companies fall short when it comes to videos, and the companies utilizing them have a distinct advantage. Companies should allot funds to increase and prioritize videos in their budgets. It is a rapidly growing trend, and in the slideshow you’ll see a 51% increase in video budgets going into next year.

The video technology allows for increased levels of interaction with consumers previously unimagined.

2015 shows a noticeable spike in interactive games, surveys, and social media sharing buttons to accompany marketing campaigns and advertisements accessible on computers and mobile devices.

Social Media

By now you can’t do marketing without including the impact social media has on any marketing campaign. Necessitating a few important aspects of visual cues and video. The first, according to this website, are short, easily digestible messages to accompany a picture or video.

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Taken as an example of visual storytelling, the above slideshow has 30 slides, almost all have short sentences or are 1-word slides.

These slides accompany a relevant picture getting the point across that visual cues are more memorable than dry information packed into text.

On the flipside, it’s also important for content to accompanying visual cues to increase SEO traffic to a website or video.

Visual storytelling catches consumer’s imaginations and increases traffic to a market campaign. It’s both a creative and engaging way to draw in customers and keep them interested. Social media is an important part of the way companies reach audiences.

With mobile units firmly established in the mainstream, sharing videos has never been so easy to access and share with others.