April 19, 2024

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Top Tourism PR Campaigns

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Here are a few travel PR campaigns for you to think about now Spring is approaching, and thoughts of warm weather may be filtering into your brain. Or maybe you are looking for an adventure – we have a few ideas you might like to look into.


Okay, we get it, probably not one person expected Idaho to be on this list. But maybe that’s the very reason it is. Here’s what the state has to offer by way of adventures, You can go skiing in the Grand Tetons during the winter. There’s also things like base jumping, State parks, white water rafting on the Snake River, A huge ice sculpting festival in the town of McCall, lots of lakes, a black lava state park, lava hot springs, visit some of the top ghost tours in the U.S. and so much more. And in the past, they ran their “Adventures In Living” campaign offering people the chance to use an app and put your face in the middle of an Idaho adventure. Making it easier to dream about the real adventures coming your way.

South Carolina

If you live on or near the East Coast, South Carolina is probably within a day’s drive from where you are. Check out some of the possibilities at their DiscoverSouthCarolina.com or check out in person their Interstate 26 East @ Landrum Welcome Center. They offer a chance to interact with travel counselors at a couple of concierge systems. The Welcome Center has charging stations and workstations available if you need them though we suggest you wait to do work until you’re back on the job again. They also have interactive screens giving travel information, gas stations, weather, and traffic. All of it current and right at your fingertips. South Carolina’s BBQ Trail campaign is huge too.

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Okay, the first two might not have been places you thought, but Australia, who wouldn’t love to go there? It’s big, it’s filled with lots of coastlines, coral reefs, and a gorgeous, if sometimes deadly, interior. Australia has offered tourism marketing from many perspectives and showcasing many promotions and programs to attract visitors. Check out their Working Holiday Maker Program, it began in June 2013, and is a cultural exchange program for young travelers between 18 and 30. They can have an extended holiday and also work for a short time in Australia. For many, that provides the best of both worlds, you get to see places and stay just long enough to feel at home.

Australia also started a competition during the summer of 2013 for the Best Jobs in the World, promoting six great jobs. These include being a park ranger, an Outback adventurer, a lifestyle photographer, a taste master, a wildlife caretaker, and a chief funster. Those who won received $100,000 for doing their job for six months, depending on the job you got, recipients cared for indigenous wildlife, photographed the country, and even tasted their way through Australia. They had 330,000 applicants to choose from.

So, where would you like to travel and what aspects of that location do you think would make a splash of a tourism campaign?