April 21, 2024

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Time and Research Makes All the Difference in PR Results

For subject matter experts (SME) there are many opportunities to get positive PR for an organization or individuals. For those who have worked in a particular industry for several years, their expertise can bring publicity and attention to a cause, brand, or corporation. But it’s not always as simple as writing an article or making a comment to a reporter or publication.


Many publications list their editorial calendar on their website. When visiting websites connected to a level of expertise, knowing when they run different types of stories and articles pays off because using knowledge from that field connected to the types of articles needed in a specific timeframe can equal getting a product, service, or individual in the news either by adding to an article being written — as a source —  or by submitting ideas for articles and then writing them when accepted.

But the calendar connection doesn’t stop there. Certain times of the year equate to times when stories connected to a particular expertise are needed. Tax time or end of the year gifting and investments relate to financial expertise. The end-of-year holidays correlate to gift-giving and charitable causes, summertime connects to more outdoor activity and tourism, and the beginning of the school year can be attached to office and school products, new clothing for children and teens, and college investment reminders for young parents.

Pay Attention to What Style of Articles Work for the Publication

When it comes to style, it’s not just about content in the article. Some publications want a humorous slant or just one idea at a time in a brief article of one or two paragraphs. Others look for lengthy tomes sharing vast amounts of detail and insight for others who know the field inside and out. Writing a short, pithy article for a publication specializing in detailed and well-researched articles about insurance, investing, or medical conditions translates to a waste of time because those efforts are likely to be denied without even being read.

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Read a few months’ (or weeks if they are a daily or weekly publication) of their recent e-zines to get a flavor for what they want, check their calendar, and then submit ideas after checking their particular requirements for article submissions and do as they request. Give them a brief history that shows the SME status of the writer, and then move to the next pertinent publication.

Following these guidelines should net more exposure for a brand, product, service, individual or organization. All while costing only the usual salary of the SME on the payroll.