May 28, 2024

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Public Relations Tips to Target Shoppers

Shopper PR - Marketing Tips for Targeting Shoppers

Having an effective marketing plan is key to making a brand into a success. Many go about this the hard way, paying out big bucks and dedicating thousands of working hours to each project. There are simpler methods, though, that do not drain your pocketbook. Going through small business forums, one can see the struggle that new businesses suffer.

Marketers have a motto: “If content is king, then research is queen.” This can be used for marketing as well. If success is king, then marketing has to be his queen. In other words, if the king is to reign supreme, then he has to have a good queen.

Harnessing the PR Power of Social Media

Since its infancy, social media has proven to be effective when targeting certain markets. A sad fact is that many do not use this free and simple method of public relations. Social media is a treasure trove for PR, but most people do not know it.  85% of all purchase decisions stem from social media. It only takes a small amount of research to locate your target buyers using social media. By finding groups of people that seek what you are selling, you have just won half the battle. Also, creating a Facebook page for your brand is a great start.

Building Your Brand Through Blogging

As with social media, blogging has become a trending way to get a message across. But finding a trending topic is the biggest part of blogging. You have to speak the language to get their attention. Once you have found a way to grab them, delivery is easy.  By using a blog on your website, keywords will direct visitors to where they need to go. Blogging is the best way to explain your brand and product. Blogs are also the best way to explain to the consumer why they need your product.

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Maintaining Strong Relationships with Journalists

Journalists can make or break a brand. Sending press releases to your local paper is another tip to get your brand out there. In the press release, make sure you include your monthly specials and deals. Offer free stuff as well. The consumer is more that willing to buy your product if you offer buy one get one free deals. This makes the journalist’s day easy. Make sure you greet the journalist as though you know them on a first name basis. Offer to buy them lunch so you can discuss your brand in further detail.

Good public relations is the key to success. By having a good PR plan, you will get good reviews from clients for other potential clients to view. This is the best way to build a brand from the ground up.