April 21, 2024

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Prunty Farms creates simple, engaging PR

Prunty Farms

Every season countless brands and businesses attempt to capture the holiday spirit in their advertising, using the hope and cheer of this time of year to grab attention and boost their brand.

Many brands try too hard. They do too much and waste their chance with too elaborate or too “clever” spots that confuse or distract. They had the right idea but disastrously wrong execution. This season few brands managed to do it as right and as simply as Prunty Farms.

With a video spot titled “DeereTracks Christmas Edition (Farmer Creates Amazing Snow Art with Tractor and Drone)” Prunty nailed it.

Here’s a breakdown of what they did so well.

First, it was simple. They took an idea proven to always capture attention: writing in the snow, then added a modern trending touch: a drone. Few can resist the curiosity-piquing “what is that guy drawing”, especially when given a birds-eye view of the process thanks to drone technology.

The spot runs less than 90 seconds, making it just about perfect for a quick glance, even at a stoplight. All you see is the tractor writing in the snow, a gorgeous winter scene and a sweet holiday message. Then, boom, Prunty Farms logo. Again, incredibly simple.

Next, the title is near perfect. First, the opening is just odd enough to MAKE you read it. A seemingly misspelled word, a special “Christmas edition” and then the payoff: the right superlative (amazing) and the final touch, an ideal keyword: “drone”. Even people not looking for fun Christmas spots will find this with the “drone” tag. Those get endless searches every day.

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Finally, the spot makes you familiar with something without giving too much away. You have a nonspecific happy feeling about Prunty Farms. You don’t know what Prunty Farms makes – are they growers, stock raisers … both? Who knows? Who cares? They have your attention, and, less than two minutes ago you had NO IDEA they existed. Now they are one brand you know makes you smile. They went from anonymous to happy thought in just over a minute, and they made that happen doing something they probably do for fun once a week.

How can you use simple social media PR to capture your audience and deliver happy thoughts this new year?