February 24, 2024

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Online Events as PR Strategy

As more and more companies look to live events to boost their presence, they are reaching out to PR professionals to help get the word out to improve visibility and drive attendance.

Virtual PR campaigns have an array of effective tools that can be combined in unique and creative ways to reach a highly targeted audience. For example, for an author an online tour means setting up guest exposure on multiple blogs, podcasts, internet radio shows, and social media sites to talk about their book and its benefits.

Then there is the pandemic. The reality of the pandemic is hitting companies from all sides.

With restrictions on travel and large scale gatherings, companies are trying to figure out how to maintain their event strategies. Fortunately, there are still events that businesses can resort to during such challenging times.

Creative Spark in Storytelling

With heightened fears, travel restrictions, and an overburdened healthcare system, there have been plenty of newsworthy elements for reporters.  For a business to tell a story during this time, it is important to provide powerful information with a clear focus. It is also crucial to evaluate whether this is the right time to be telling it at all. A business should not appear to be profiting from a pandemic.

Traditional PR Tactics

Press releases posted on websites and social media can be written in advance and pitched to relevant publications. It would be wise to connect events to a local community conversation or a trend. This makes press releases and social media content more impactful.

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Use of Interesting Images

Hiring a professional photographer to take lots of photos at an event would be a wise move. These photos can be used for any post-event PR to be sent to reporters. They can also be shared through online communities. While pitching the event to the media, they might ask for images to go with the story.

Event Coverage

There are different ways to cover events. Pushing content marketing before or after an event will allow the event to leverage a hashtag in social media promotions. Man-on-the-street interview videos can also be used in daily Twitter updates. Snapchat videos or Facebook live from an event can also be promoted widely on social channels. Infographics or blog posts that include lessons learned or favorite quotes can also be used.

Apple has put in regular efforts to migrate to the virtual environment by hosting events such as WWDC 2020 online,  and they have gone beyond the necessary to continue doing business.

Their campaign, Creativity Goes On, inspires joy in people during challenging times by sharing tools and tips they need to remain connected. They have also dedicated resources to building a COVID-19 app that offers up-to-date CDC guidance to people across the US.

Sharing resources that lead to hope during difficult times can go a long way towards building trust.