July 24, 2024

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Nurturing Leads on Instagram

Nurturing Leads on Instagram

Companies can use Instagram to get more potential customers and leads as long as they’re using the right strategies and automation tools. Through direct messages on Instagram, consumers can opt to receive messages from businesses, because the consumers are the ones that reach out to the company in the first place. However, aside from all of the benefits that consumers can get from reaching out to companies via direct messages on Instagram, companies have a lot of benefits at the same time. Through the right social media automation tools, companies can provide personalized discussions with the people that are reaching out to the business at a bigger scale, without actually investing all of the time and effort that’s necessary to respond to each person individually. These types of tools allow companies to target potential consumers with personalized recommendations, qualify the leads that they have generated, and even use some responses that are automated to help their customer service departments do a better job. 

Direct Message Automation

Right now, companies have the ability to set up direct message automation across a few different social media platforms from Meta, including Instagram, Facebook, as well as WhatsApp, where it’s a paid feature for businesses. When it comes to Instagram, specifically, companies can trigger an automated response through any interaction on the platform with potential customers, however, the main thing that companies should be focusing on is creating a conversation. That means companies can rely on automation tools to reach out to people that have left comments on Instagram, live videos, and on the feed posts of the company, as well as its reels, stories, and of course, direct messages. 


Once the company has set up its automation tool to respond to potential customers on Instagram across a variety of the available communication opportunities on the platform, it’s time to think about what the company wants to get from the conversations it’s developing with potential customers. Most of the time, the main goal that companies have is to get the contact details of potential customers, so that the company will be able to reach these potential customers outside of Instagram. That means companies will have to focus on getting the phone numbers or email addresses of people that have reached out to the company on Instagram, or get them interested enough to register for an event that the company is hosting. It’s important for companies to remember that out of all of these options, phone numbers have the lowest opt-in rate because people aren’t very willing to share their phone numbers with companies. However, event registration and email addresses have a high opt-in rate because as long as the event is interesting, people want to attend it, and most folks don’t mind receiving emails from companies that they want to do business with.

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