April 21, 2024

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How to Promote Music Without Losing the Message

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Music may be a universal language, but the message of promoting music does not always translate. The CEO of NYC PR firm 5W Public Relations Ronn Torossian, says there are several important factors to consider when creating music and other entertainment PR.

Respect the base

When it comes to music entertainment PR, Ronn Torossian says reaching the base does not just apply to politics. Every genre has a dedicated and loyal fan base that should not be ignored. These are the fans who buy the tracks on first listen. The ones who anticipate new recordings and share the love with their friends. Even if an artist is blazing new ground they should still tip their hats to the ones who got them to the dance.


Cross-promotion is not just about musicians appearing in other venues or at other functions. Movies, TV, awards shows, that sort of thing. It’s also about affirming music across genres. CMT has found incredible success with its Crossroads program. The format matches artists from rock, pop or blues with country artists. The acts perform together and also perform each other’s music. Far from alienating fans, people love the programs. So much so that CMT has made them all available free of charge on their website. Hip hop and rock collaborations tap into this same successful format.

Remember the roots

Mega producer Quincy Jones said, “Gospel, jazz and blues are the soul of all American music.” He should know. Nearly 80 Grammy nominations and more than 25 wins. Even if you are doing something new, referencing those who have gone before is always good PR. This format has worked well for decades on awards shows such as the Grammys and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It also helps to add legitimacy when new artists invite past greats to work with them on new tracks.

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Tastes change

Popular culture is always in a state of flux. What’s happening now may not be what is cool tomorrow. Add to this dynamic the need of artists to grow and experiment, and change becomes a factor that must be considered. Ronn Torossian reminds us that change need not mean a radical new direction in PR approach, but the impact a new musical direction may have on the market should be considered. For more information on how to stay true to the music without losing an effective entertainment PR message, contact Ronn Torossian and 5WPR here.