July 23, 2024

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Monetizing Email Newsletters

Although it’s not an easy fact to accept, it’s still true: B2B newsletters aren’t as popular as B2C ones. According to research, the former actually have about a 20% average open rate, unlike the latter, which has only 18.8%. Yet, many marketers still rely on email newsletters as their main form of promotion and marketing because it’s one of the most effective channels for distributing content to the audience.

Nevertheless, in both B2B and B2C, email newsletters are the top competitor for return on investment (ROI). Still, these emails can always be tweaked and improved upon to make sure companies are taking full advantage of this efficient tool.

Is it useful? There are several questions that marketers should be asking themselves before they even start writing emails to their clients or business partners. They should know whether the email will be useful for the audience, whether it’s going to solve any of their pain points, and whether people are still going to be opening the company’s emails in the future after they read that one.

One of an email newsletter’s essential purposes is to solve problems or fulfill needs, especially in the B2B industry, where the right email can easily move a lead through a sales funnel. That’s why when marketers are picking a topic for their emails, they should always have their subscribers in mind and how the email can help the audience. The email content should be informational and educational – and when running promotional campaigns, it’s perfectly fine to include that part in the newsletter, too, with a CTA that people won’t miss.

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Is the subject good enough? In the digital age we’re living through, people receive dozens, if not up to a hundred emails in their inbox folder every day, which means there’s an attention deficit when creating email campaigns. The main differentiator between emails that are opened and ones that are ignored is the subject line.

The first few words that people see in their inbox that’s arrived from the company should let them know whether an email is really worth opening.
However, it takes time to craft the perfect subject line, but there are some general rules: they should be short, honest, informative, and include numbers while giving a summary of the content in the email itself.

Is it interesting and easy to read? When creating emails, they should be interesting and attractive for the audience, but the copy should be stronger than the visuals. When it comes to B2B markets, the audiences are more demanding, as these people are already immune to different marketing tricks and are only interested in getting to the point.

Another essential is making the entire email easy to read – which means no big chunks of text that bore people as soon as they see them. When paired with fonts that are easy to read through, this factor makes emails a lot easier to read for subscribers and can increase engagement.

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