June 14, 2024

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Long-term Content for Instagram

Creating content for Instagram tends to be quite a time-consuming and laborious process for many businesses.

However, if a company has a long-term content strategy for the platform, it’s easy to streamline the entire process and constantly create a stream of engaging content for the target audience.

Creating Content

The first step that companies need to take to create a strategy for long-term content on Instagram is figuring out which types of content work well for the audience, and which types of content are easy for the company to create en masse. It’s a lot less taxing to create and publish consistent content if the process is more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Most of the time the type of content that people enjoy sharing is similar to the type of content they also enjoy consuming. That means, if the social media team of a business enjoys watching videos on TikTok for instance, it’s a good sign that they might enjoy creating videos for the same platform because that format speaks to them. The same thing works for Instagram, such as creating Reels, Stories, live streaming, carousel posts, and more.

Types of Content

There are different types of content that companies can share on the platform and each one can perform quite well, but it’s important to remember that the performance of the content on Instagram tends to be quite subjective. Just because a piece of content performs well for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that the same strategy will work for the business too.

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It all comes down to the target audience and what the people in the target audience want and respond to. There are four different types of content that are currently incredibly popular on the platform that companies should consider including in their long-term content strategy for Instagram.

There are Instagram Reels that companies can share to get in front of new audiences and reach potential customers, and the best types of Reels are the ones following current trends or showing what’s going on with the business behind the scenes.

Then there are carousel posts that work quite well for answering questions, solving consumer pain points, or sharing educational graphics.

With Tweet graphics, companies can share images that are designed to look like tweets, which perform quite well on the platform, as long as the content inside the tweet itself is short and consumable.

This can be shared as a post or on an Instagram story to connect with the target audience.

Companies can also try sharing memes that can relate to pop culture or the company’s niche to figure out if that’s something that engages the followers on the social media platform, or even photos that are in combination with longer captions.

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