April 19, 2024

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Leveraging Travel Influencers Partnerships for Destinations 

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In today’s digitally connected world, travel influencers have become instrumental in shaping the way people explore and choose travel destinations. Instagram travel influencers, in particular, wield significant influence over their followers, making them powerful allies for destinations seeking to attract tourists. There are several reasons why companies should be partnering and working with influencers to generate great results.


Travel influencers are often perceived as authentic and relatable. Their personal experiences resonate with their audience, creating trust and credibility.

Wide reach

Top travel influencers have a vast and diverse following. Partnering with them enables destinations to reach a global audience they might not have accessed through traditional marketing.


Travel influencers have high engagement rates on their posts. Their followers actively comment, like, and share content, increasing the visibility of destination-related posts.

Visual appeal

Travel influencers excel at creating visually stunning content that showcases destinations in the best light. This allure is compelling to potential travelers.

Travel influencers

Travel influencers have evolved from being merely travelers who shared their experiences online to becoming influential content creators and trusted advisors for their followers. They have the power to inspire wanderlust and influence travel decisions, making them valuable assets for tourism boards and destinations.

Instagram travel influencers

Instagram, with its visually captivating format, has emerged as a prominent platform for travel influencers. These influencers use high-quality images and engaging captions to transport their followers to exotic locations. The carefully curated aesthetics of their profiles create a desire to explore the world, one post at a time. Some of the most popular Instagram travel influencers and accounts include National Geographic Travel, Expert Vagabond, Nomadic Matt, and many others. National Geographic Travel is a global authority on exploration, science, and storytelling. Their Instagram account, with millions of followers, features stunning photographs and captivating stories from around the world. Matthew Karsten, known as Expert Vagabond, is an adventure travel blogger and photographer. His Instagram is filled with breathtaking landscapes and adrenaline-pumping activities. Matt Kepnes, or Nomadic Matt, is known for his budget travel tips. His Instagram showcases how to explore the world without breaking the bank.

Luxury travel influencers

While budget-conscious travel is popular, luxury travel influencers cater to a different demographic. These influencers focus on opulent experiences, high-end accommodations, and exclusive destinations. Partnering with luxury travel influencers can attract tourists seeking premium experiences.

Identifying the right influencer

Choose influencers whose audience aligns with the destination’s target demographic. Ensure their content style matches the destination’s image.

Creating authentic collaborations

Encourage influencers to share genuine experiences. Authenticity resonates with followers and builds trust in a destination.

Coordinated campaigns

Plan campaigns that align with the destination’s overall marketing goals. This might include promoting specific attractions, events, or seasonal experiences.

User-generated content (UGC)

Encourage influencers to promote user-generated content by using unique destination-specific hashtags. User-generated content amplifies the reach of marketing campaigns.

Measuring impact

Use analytics tools to measure the impact of the travel influencer campaigns. Monitor website traffic, social media engagement, and booking inquiries resulting from influencer posts.

Visit Greece example

Visit Greece, the official tourism website of Greece has successfully leveraged travel influencers to promote the country as a top travel destination. They partnered with influencers who shared their love for Greece’s rich history, picturesque islands, and vibrant culture. The influencers created stunning visual content, and their posts showcased the diverse experiences Greece offers, from ancient ruins to idyllic beaches. Visit Greece saw a significant increase in website traffic from the countries where influencers were based. Engagement on their social media platforms surged, with users tagging friends and family, expressing their desire to visit Greece. The campaign generated a buzz in the travel community, with many travelers adding Greece to their bucket lists.

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