June 14, 2024

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Learning from Content Marketing Examples

Any content that’s created and shared with an audience for a specific commercial purpose, such as increasing brand awareness, generating more website traffic, or getting more conversions is what content marketing efforts entail.

Additionally, content marketing efforts are very effective at branding, building brand trust, lead generation, as well as educating the target audience.

It’s also used to build brand loyalty with any existing customers, build subscriber contact lists, drive customers to attend events, and support new product launches.

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Companies that want to educate their target audiences need to create long-form content in their content marketing efforts. According to research, detailed content typically tends to outrank shorter and less comprehensive content pieces.

In fact, the average first-page search results on search engines tend to have nearly 1500 words.

A great example of utilizing long-form content in the right way comes from Ridester, which decided to prioritize content that answers questions that consumers might care about.

By using comprehensive and concise blog posts, the company increased its organic website traffic by nearly 500%.

The best way that companies can utilize long-form content in their own content marketing efforts is to start by using search tools like Reddit or Quora to figure out which topics are important to the target audience, or which questions they are asking.

Then, by using Ubersuggest, companies can also find the right keywords that they can use inside their content.

Finally, companies can also figure out if there are any content gaps or questions that haven’t been answered by doing competitor research, and creating content that then answers those questions.

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Companies can let their products or services speak for themselves through user-generated content. Instead of getting the marketing team to create content or ads that are going to promote a solution, the satisfied customers can do that for the business.

In fact, consumers are twice more likely to say that user-generated content is a lot more authentic compared to any branded content. A great example of a company using user-generated content in its content marketing efforts comes from Storiarts.

The brand turned to Instagram to generate more content from its users so it could highlight the company’s commitment to ending illiteracy and drive more sales of its products.

Instagram users had to post photos of themselves enjoying the company’s products using dedicated branded hashtags, and then the company reposted that content on its own account.

This turned the company into a recognizable brand with over 80,000 followers on the platform.

Some of the best ways that companies can utilize user-generated content is by creating a branded hashtag on social media platforms that’s going to be memorable and short.

Companies should then engage with any social media users that use that branded hashtag to encourage others to participate.

Finally, creating a promotional campaign that’s going to highlight the brand mission and boost the company’s profile can get even more people to share content with the branded hashtag which is a great source for user-generated content for companies.

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