April 20, 2024

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Internet Explorer’s Recent Bug and the Bad PR that Came with it

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Internet Explorer, the Internet browser produced and maintained by Microsoft and the most popular browser currently on the net recently took a major hit due to a bag bug causing them to undergo a major Public Relations Crisis. This bug gave hackers the ability to take over your computer and hack other information from the computer by simply clicking a bad link. With so many links out there, clicking a bad link is rather easy. The problem become so bad that the United States federal government actually told individuals to not use Internet Explorer at all due to the flaw. This has led to a widespread bug fix issued by Microsoft, but for many, the damage has already been done.

First, the bug has been corrected for all operating systems, including Windows XP. Microsoft had stated it no longer would provide support for the operating system several months earlier, but with so many individuals and businesses still using the software, it issued the correction for Internet Explorer. However, the major hit cam to Microsoft’s Public Relations and although the full effects are likely not going to be determined for a few months, this issue might prove devastating for Microsoft.

Windows Explorer is still the most used brand of Internet browsers in the country. This is because it comes packaged with all Windows based computer systems, which makes up the vast majority of computer systems produced (while Apple computers are the top selling computer brand, it has no where near the numbers of all other Windows computer systems sold combined). With everyone instantly having access to Internet Explorer, most people stuck with the browser, especially as in the early years of the Internet it served as the only real options. You might have had access to a few other random browsers, but for the most part, you either used Internet Explorer or nothing.

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Now days though, there are many different browsers out there. While Windows has IE and Mac computers have Safari, there are other browsers, such as Opera, Chrome and Firefox, all of which work on both computer systems (it is possible to download both Safari and IE on both operating systems, but few do). With so many other options, more and more individuals are moving from IE to a different browser. With the bug, additional individuals were forced into downloading a new browser. While some are likely to come back, others might stuck with the new browser. this can potentially mean Microsoft might lose millions of IE users due to the bug