September 28, 2023

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Instagram Stories Basics for Businesses

Instagram Stories Basics for Businesses

When it comes to social media marketing, one of the most popular channels for companies to promote themselves these days is Instagram. Not only is it used by millions of people all over the world daily, but it also provides companies with a number of general promotion and advertising opportunities that allow them to reach their target audiences more effectively. With Instagram advertising campaigns, companies can target potential customers on Instagram, create high-quality visual content that will grab users’ attention, and engage with their target audiences effectively. In fact, companies can even generate in-app sales directly, without making their customers leave Instagram to open up the company’s website, as well as using the platform to conduct audience research. While there are many different ways that companies can achieve all of this on the platform, one of the more effective ones is through the Instagram Stories feature. Although it has a shorter lifespan compared to other types and formats of content that companies can share, Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features with users on the platform, with many preferring to watch stories from people they follow, instead of scrolling through in-feed posts.

Audience research

While many companies regularly share content via Instagram Stories to keep their audiences engaged between their regular feed posts, businesses can also conduct some audience research through this feature as it has many capabilities that companies can use. For instance, if a company wants to get more nuanced feedback from its audience, it can use a poll sticker on an Instagram Story providing the followers with up to four different answers to a question from the business. The minimum number of answers that companies can provide their followers to choose from is two, and businesses can use this sticker to get more information on what the consumers are thinking or feeling about a specific solution from the business while generating a lot of engagement. The company can also check the results of these types of stickers polls up to 48 hours after the Story has expired.


Another great benefit that companies can get from utilizing Stories to share content with their audiences is generating more engagement. For example, companies can create a quiz sticker when they are creating their Instagram Story and again, like the poll sticker, provide the audience with up to four different answers where the viewers will have to choose the right one. The audience will also immediately get to see whether they selected the right answer to the company’s question, while the company gets more information on how well its followers retain the information that the company has been sharing with them thus far, as well as generate more engagement.