July 24, 2024

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Improving Instagram Conversions

Many companies are using Instagram as a marketing tool these days because, given the large user base of the platform, companies are able to reach key target audiences easily on it.

However, certain businesses can start struggling when trying to get Instagram users to generate conversions, instead of simply driving engagement.

Instagram Bio

When consumers visit a company’s website to learn more about it, the first thing they see is the name and the bio. Although the platform limits users to only 150 characters, Instagram bios are crucial, which means they have to be concise.

Fortunately, companies can be creative in that space, which means it has a lot of potential to generate leads.

For example, one of the popular elements of an Instagram Bio is a brief introduction to the business, an explanation of the services or products it offers, as well as the benefits that consumers get from them.

Companies can also use keywords that consumers would potentially use when searching for a similar business in the industry.

Additionally, to increase the chances of an account appearing in search results, the space can also include hashtags and even a short call to action (CTA) that points to the link underneath the bio space.

Links in Stories

Companies can share plenty of valuable content on Instagram, whether through posts or stories. However, while posts stay on a company’s profile permanently, unless they’re deleted, stories disappear after 24 hours.

That doesn’t mean stories are less important than posts, and in fact, in many cases, they’re even better at generating leads for businesses through content that’s very valuable.

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Businesses can develop more personal relationships with consumers through the stories feature because the feature is perceived to have a more authentic feel to many users.

Additionally, the feature has a big benefit for companies: allowing links to external websites, as well as for shoppable products. That means companies can generate leads or even sales right from their Instagram Stories.

Furthermore, companies don’t have to let their stories expire after 24 hours, because Instagram has another feature that allows users to save their stories to their profiles as highlights.

Remarketing Audiences

It’s relatively easy for newer businesses to dismiss likes, comments, and profile visits, and saved posts as engagement that has a lower value because it doesn’t directly generate sales or subscriptions. However, those are the exact types of engagement that can actually help companies get more people started on their buying journey.

Sometimes, businesses can get users to take the right steps organically, simply by providing valuable content or executing a successful product launch.

Nevertheless, there are times when companies have more ambitious marketing goals, which is where ads on Instagram become very helpful. Engagements that are seen as having lower value become very valuable and useful because businesses can build retargeted audiences based on their previous interactions on the platform.

Through Facebook’s Ad Manager, companies can create ads that target anyone that’s ever interacted with the company’s account, anyone that’s saved the content, or even just people that have sent messages to the business.

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