April 20, 2024

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B2B Blog Content Strategy

In the post pandemic world, customers are changing their preferences quickly. In order to ascertain that it aligns with the best practices of the post COVID-19 era, certain factors have to be taken into consideration while writing a B2B blog post. With a digital equivalent to almost everything these days, businesses need to adapt. Given below are some ideas for crafting blog posts in a way that will help businesses grow.

1) List posts – List posts are relatively easy to write. They can be easily scanned and are a digestible way to communicate important concepts. Readers would know what they are getting by simply taking a look at the headline of a list post. For instance, a list post on responsive websites can influence many readers to share the content on their social media platforms even before clicking through themselves. Such posts also attract inbound links.

2) Comparison – Consumers often seek expertise to assess which product or service is most suitable for them. In such cases, comparison blog posts can be extremely helpful for guidance. The first step in writing a comparison post is choosing what to compare. For instance, Uber vs. Lyft would be a good topic. Such blog posts are pretty straightforward. Two subjects can be explained and then compared.

3) Thought leader interviews – Thought leadership content is an example of engaging content. Thought leadership is like opening the doors to a brand and allowing people to take a look. Leveraging the insights and opinions of respected industry experts not only produces relevant content for readers, but can also position B2B organizations as thought leaders. Thought leadership content eventually creates a following that boosts the credibility of a business. For instance, First Round Capital, a venture capital firm, shares their extensive pool of knowledge and experience with technology entrepreneurs.

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4) Case studiesCase studies are not difficult to conceptualize, and continue to produce traffic, leads, and sales. They add a level of authority to a website. They are an easy link between a business and its audience. They are more effective than testimonials because they show a real person successfully using a product or service. They are niche specific, as they go into detail about an experience or activity. They exhibit a level of analysis which helps a website stand out as a source of authoritative content in a niche. Snack Nation’s case study on healthy snacking ideas led to an increase in its homepage traffic of 59.2%.

5) The year blog – This type of blog post is full of predictions, and talks about the year ahead before it happens. The content is often arranged as a list. Sometimes businesses write quite a few of these . They showcase thought leadership by sharing thoughts on where things are going. These kinds of posts work well across various kinds of industries. For instance, ‘Top financial trends to watch in 2022’or ‘ Movers and shapers in the coming year’ can be popular topics.