April 1, 2023

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How NBC Olympics Won Big Tapping Paris Hilton to Help Unveil the Paris Games Logo on TikTok


The 2024 Olympic Games are set to be held in Paris, France. NBC holds the rights in the US to broadcast these summer Olympics, and in an exciting move, decided to debut the logo they’ll be using for their coverage in a fun and attention-grabbing video on TikTok.To unveil the logo, the company decided to create a promotional video staring socialite Paris Hilton. 

Paris Hilton

To kick-off their promotion of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, NBC partnered with the high-profile celebrity who shares the city’s name. The promotional video pairs humor with excitement as we catch a glimpse of Hilton and are informed ‘all eyes will be on Paris’ before the video cuts away from her to a montage of all the different sports viewers can expect to tune into during the games. At the end of the video, Paris Hilton realizes the narrator wasn’t talking about her in the first place. He was talking about the capital of France where the games will be held, so she said “Oh, the other Paris”. The celebrity also shared the promotional video on her Twitter account. She added that she couldn’t wait for the Olympic Games, even though they’re not going to be all about her. In response, the official account for the Paris Olympics replied that it’s going to be all about the Paris Olympics. This campaign for the unveiling of the logo from NBC was praised by users across social media platforms. People said it was great attention-grabbing marketing. Some even started urging the broadcasting network, and the Olympics association to get Paris Hilton to carry the Olympic torch next year.

Extra content

Aside from the original video unveiling the logo, NBC also decided to release a video sharing some of the outtakes. This additional content included scenes of Paris Hilton asking whether the French capital city was named after her. In another scene, she talks to her pet Chihuahua, asking whether her pet believes the city Paris was named after Paris Hilton. In yet another scene, Paris Hilton gets to show off her French speaking skills. She did so by translating her popular catchphrase “that’s hot”, into “C’est Chaud”, in French. This additional content extended the initial logo launch, keeping viewers engaged longer.


The NBC Olympic Twitter account shared the promotional video that featured Paris Hilton, generating over 20,000 views. Paris Hilton shared it herself, generating over 700,000 views. She also shared it on her TikTok account, along with the outtakes video, which generated yet another hundred of thousands of views. The video was also featured during the NFL Wild Card game broadcast between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. According to NBC, other versions of the promotional video will be running in the next few months on other platforms from the company. The use of a recognizable spokesperson allowed NBC to extend the life of the campaign, as well as how many platforms it was shared on.