April 21, 2024

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Golden Rules of Instagram For Podcasters

podcast rules

2019 appears to be shaping up as the year of podcasting. Between the Spotify’s $200 million acquisition of Gimlet Media, and the release of new subscription platforms like Brew and Luminary, the concept of streaming talk radio on-demand, on any device, over the internet has finally found its feet in earning mass-market appeal. 

For many, the rise of this tool is a long time coming; podcasting has already been around for more than a decade. For the rest of the communications world, however, podcasting remains a relatively new tool in the digital marketers’ toolkit, and the platform remains underutilized across the board. 

For one thing, many a podcaster is currently neglecting the opportunity to tie an audio-based product to the many efficacies of Instagram. For those still struggling to get the most out of podcasting, here are the three golden rules of marketing your show on Instagram.

Utilize Video 

Instagram now allows users to upload up to 60 seconds of video content per post. These videos are ideal for taking your listeners behind-the-scenes of your recording studio, sharing off-air moments with your podcast guests, or even visual demonstrations that complement your latest episode. 

Moreover, videos offer excellent engagement numbers compared to photos; it’s not “likes” that matter so much as views. Instagram counts a view after a user watches a video for more than three seconds- a relatively low threshold indeed. 

Hash That Tag

While the hashtag may have been born on Twitter, the universal appeal of the tool to connect users to trending and niche topics alike has led to the use of hashtags across almost all social media platforms. Instagram is no different. 

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Ideally, each of your Instagram posts should have an accompanying caption that is both funny and informative, engaging and simple. Your goal should be to carry your voice from your podcasting platform to your Instagram account; consistency is key. 

You might also like to use popular hashtags, like Throwback Thursday (#TBT), to spread your content to a broader audience. Just be careful of being to hashtag happy; this is not only seen as amateurish, but can lead your audience to click that “unfollow” button. Another tip is to put your hashtags in the comment, rather than description, section of your post- this will hide them once others have added their comments. 

Interact With Followers

Lastly, you stand little chance of delivering a successful social media plan if you don’t make an effort to respond and interact with your followers. 

If you’re truly serious about building an online community, be sure to reply to every comment and message you receive. A handy tool is to view social media as online networking, with these connections presenting the key to expanding the reach of your podcast. 

If you never connected the dots between a podcast and a visual medium, reconsider your position. Instagram is a time-tested means of connecting with potential and existing audience members, and a deliberate visual strategy is sure to take your podcast to the next level.