June 14, 2024

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Getting More Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is both used as a social media platform and a search engine and as of this year, it has over 400 million active monthly users.

However, given the popularity of this platform, it means that it’s not always easy for companies to stand out from such a crowded space and get more followers.

Fortunately, when businesses implement the right strategies, they can increase their follower count on the platform, which generally also results in an increase in website traffic, sales, as well as brand authority in the market.

Business Account

The first step that companies that are looking to get more followers on Pinterest need to do is create a business account on the platform since those types of accounts get access to specialized tools.

Some of those tools include being able to share unique formats of content, shopping features, advanced analytics, as well as the feature to create an ad account where businesses can pay to promote their content.

When creating a brand new account, during the setup process, there’s an option that companies can select to create a business account, and for businesses that already have a regular account, they can also convert their accounts to a business one to maintain authority.

Username and Bio

Once a company sets up its Pinterest business account, it’s time to choose the right username and bio, as these two elements of a profile are completely searchable on the platform.

That means ensuring any search terms that are related to the company’s niche are included in the bio so that any potential customers that are trying to find the business or related keywords on Pinterest can actually manage to find it.

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Idea Pins

Last year, Pinterest finally rolled out a brand new video content format called Idea pins, where companies can share multi-page videos with their followers.

Initially, the feature was rolled out as a beta version in 2020 and was going to be used in a similar fashion to Instagram Stories, but that approach changed, and now, it allows businesses to film, edit, and share up to 20 pages of video content inside a single post.

Some of the most popular features that the platform included for this format include the ability to add transitions and music, record voiceovers, as well as tag other Pinterest accounts.

Unlike the story feature of other social media platforms, the Idea pins don’t expire after 24 hours, which means companies can use this content format to grow their engagement and reach on the platform.

Captions and Overlays

Once a business understands the best way to create content on the platform, it’s time to start adding captions, as well as text overlays on the Idea Pins.

This makes every piece of content that a business shares on Pinterest a lot more accessible and easy to understand by other users.

The captions and texts on each type of content available on the platform are also completely searchable within Pinterest, similar to the username and bio, which means companies can add keywords that potential followers are using in them too.

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