May 28, 2024

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FIFA 16 to Feature Female Teams: A PR Move?

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Finding women in the soon-to-be-released “FIFA 16” is not about controversy for the game’s developer. Roughly 40 percent of the gaming audience are now females, and it makes good, business and financial sense to reach what is now an untapped market.

Soccer has thus-far been facilitated by male versions regarding the consecutive release of popular professional soccer-based video games. This big undertaking by Electronic Arts Sports is going to make huge ripples in the PR world.  In fact, it already has with two emerging sides that see the good in this equality step while others see it a mockery of soccer itself.

The outrage of a few male gaming fans are evident in forums and blog comments as the release date—September, 2015—is fast approaching. The video game manufacturer is pushing forward with the new female game design for soccer—regardless of notable public disapproval.

The potentials for PR professionals is rich in such an environment.

Responding to both the anticipation or segregation of this release needs a strong collective of publicists for mediated results. There’s a great deal to communicate in times like these: especially when FIFA is also under indictment by the United States.

For over 12 years, the “FIFA” video games have been dominated by male versions without a female counterpart in gameplay or design. Much of this will change in the coming months and years. The recent announcements about this development by EA came during the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

The game maker is living up to its word and sees a broader view of females in sports to develop from this release. They are bridging a gender gap. Fans of the game, however, will not have an opportunity to compete as female teams against those of their male counterparts.

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The EA developer is hoping to portray their gameplay as lifelike. This means that integrated versions, where both sexes compete in gameplay, could be released in the future.

You can bet Electronic Arts Sports took 3D scans of female soccer players as well. They captured state of the art imaging that will be manipulated into 3D graphics. Having the best sense of authenticity regarding the movement of female teams is paramount for the developer. It’s important that the male gameplay is distinguished from the females to avoid biases.

The developer found up to 12 women models from a variety of professional teams around the globe. They will be the basis for a lifelike experience that will include over 10 world renowned female soccer teams available for “FIFA 16”.