February 24, 2024

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Mac vs. King – the PR battle of the BIG burgers

mcdonalds and burger king

There is no doubt about it, McDonalds is the undisputed king of the fast food industry. But, the Golden Arches’ signature sandwich is facing stiff competition from the aptly named Big King.

While imitation is not only flattery, it can lead to strong Public Relations advantage. Burger King never made it a secret that they were copying the Big Mac with their Big King sandwich. It looks the same, the name is similar, and even the “secret sauce” appears similar, though it tastes much different. But, the oh so obvious gambit worked. Burger King’s sales are up, and they say they have the Big King to thank for their increased success.

The business lesson here is that, sometimes, taking something proven, and making it just a little bit different, can turn into a tremendous success. People can talk all they want about how the Big King is a Big Mac rip-off. BK doesn’t care as long as people continue to buy. And why wouldn’t they? They know they love the Big Mac, so why not get a little variety, AND something safely familiar at the same time. This best-of-both worlds-dynamic is an enticing benefit for consumers

How can your business take advantage of this marketing dynamic? Is there something you have seen out there that people love, but you can improve upon? If you can offer your market something truly unique with a comfortable foundation of familiarity, you could create an entirely new product line that will bring you new customers, and introduce them to your more signature products or services.

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