June 14, 2024

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How Home Houseware Technologies are Changing the Lifestyle Space

Smart Home

Living spaces are slowly being transformed with the help and use of technology in ways that make homes more convenient and accessible. Fairly soon, people can begin starting their days with the perfect cup of coffee ready to go as soon as they express a desire for one, and even have the cup placed in their hands with the help of technology. 

Not just that, kitchen appliances could turn into assistants by ordering ingredient replacements for homeowners when they note that they’re running out of an essential item, suggest personalized recipes, and perhaps judge the questionable midnight snacks everyone indulges in every so often.

Smart ovens

The latest smart ovens on the market can use advanced sensors for precise temperatures, guide their owners through recipes with the help of AI, keep track of the food inside with probes and sensors to take the guesswork out of cooking times, and can send notifications to smartphones with updates on the food. 

Other ways that this type of tech is changing homes are ovens that come with voice control and smart assistants, allowing homeowners to control the appliance hands-free with voice commands. Some even come with self-cleaning technology, AI that learns the owner’s cooking preferences and adapts its settings accordingly, and more. 

Robot vacuums

Robot vacuums have had LiDAR technology for a while now, allowing homeowners to create a virtual map of their homes so that the robot can efficiently move and clean while avoiding obstacles. 

Newer models come with advanced algorithms that help the robot adapt the cleaning strategy in real-time, which means navigating around any clutter or adjusting the settings to clean different floor surfaces. That means robot vacuums can identify and navigate around various household obstacles from clothes and shoes, to toys or pets. 

Of course, as with many smart home devices, many robot vacuums come with smart apps that help homeowners schedule the cleaning sessions, monitor the progress of each session, and even clean the dustbins themselves through a docking station.

Smart mirrors

In recent years, mirrors have also been infused with technology, offering features such as anti-fog technology, magnifying panels for detailed tasks, dimmable and adjustable lights to suit the mood or task, and those are just some of the basics. Smart mirrors come with their own screens that provide homeowners with news feeds, calendars, calendar notifications, weather updates, and more. 

Other gadgets

But beyond the convenience, comes the connectivity. With smart speakers, homeowners can seamlessly connect multiple speakers in their homes to synchronize the music playback, or even communicate with the built-in voice assistants from any room in the house. 

Another popular smart home gadget is the smart doorbell, which provides homeowners with high-resolution video and night vision to keep track of whoever is at the door, along with advanced motion detection and smartphone alerts. 

Beyond that, smart doorbells come with two-way communication which means homeowners can communicate with visitors through the doorbell, and they also come with package detection and delivery for any online orders. 

Lastly, to keep homes safer, many smart doorbells are able to integrate with the rest of a smart home system, which allows the devices to trigger cameras, and lights, and automatically lock or unlock doors, depending on the visitors.

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