April 20, 2024

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Digital Public Relations vs. Traditional Public Relations 

It is important for any organization to have the very best public relations. The positive relationships companies, brands, and individuals build with the public can lead to much higher sales and growth in the long run. In our modern digital age, many organizations have chosen the route of digital PR as their main marketing strategy. However, It is important to understand the differences between traditional PR and digital PR before investing a large amount of time and money into either form of PR.

Traditional Public Relations

Traditional Public Relations

Traditional media outlets are the name of the game when focusing on traditional public relations. Newspapers, television, magazines, and radio are the most commonly utilized forms of traditional media when going with a non-digital public relations approach. When you are looking to raise brand awareness quickly, this can be a way to get the word out quickly and effectively. Clients who are more inclined to using traditional PR methods are more likely to be less technology driven companies or professionals.

One downside of traditional public relations is the lack of detailed analytics on the potential clients or customers you are reaching. Many of the numbers that newspapers, magazines, and radio stations give you on your reports are just an estimation of how many listeners or readers utilize these forms of traditional media.

Traditional PR can work very well for certain demographics. Senior citizens respond well to this type of marketing as it is something they are used to. Depending on your service or product, traditional PR could be a very useful tool for your organization.

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Digital Public Relations

Digital Public Relations

More organizations now than ever are taking advantage of the great opportunities available with the use of modern technology. Search engine optimization has become a staple of digital public relations. Many potential clients and customers will stumble upon your organization due to a search engine query. This is why it important to have the right SEO in play.

Digital influencers play a key role in any digital public relations campaign. Influencers have a wide reach within a loyal fanbase which they have grown over time. When these influencers blog about your product or service, thousands or even millions of their fans will be exposed to your brand. This is a very cost effective way of creating an organic digital public relations campaign. Working with influencers can start a need online for your business that will spread like wildfire.

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